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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 87 (April 1947)

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into Germany, MG has given its approval to
the NY Times Overseas Edition, NY Herald
Tribune Paris Edition, Time, Life, and News-
week. The three MG magazines for Germans
continue to enjoy high popularity, -according
to a readership study made by the Intelligence
Branch of ICD. Circulation of Heute remains
-t 400,000. Paper shortage has forced
seduction of the circulation of Neue Aus-
.1 se from 260,000 to 250,000 and of Amerin
kanischeRundschau from 200,000to150,000.
Neue Auslese has been improved by a more
careful choice of material, with a first selec-
tion made in New York from US periodicals
and a second made in London. The staffs of
these magazines also are raising their au-
dience appeal by keeping close watch upon
The composing room (right) and the binding room
(below) of the Schelfing Strasse printing plant in
Munich; here "Heute". the MG-sponsored German
counterpart of "Life" moagozine, is published. Its cir-
culation is 400,000, limited to this number bv a
shortage of paper.        Photos by Neu& Zeltung
reader reaction to material used.
The Germans have yet another source for
articles previously published in the United
S Pates. The Periodicals Servicing Unit, in
direct correspondence with Reorientation
Branch, Washington, has been established in
Publications Control Branch, ICD, for Bava-
ria. This unit furnishes articles from US
magazines to German editors throughout the
US Zone; studies the requirements of these
editors; and informs Washington of needed
reorientation material. Individuals in the
United States and Great Britain also are help-
ing to relieve the scarcity of reading mate-
rial in Germany by sending gift copies of
no-nommercial printed matter to individuals
" agencies via common carrier or mail.
As of 2(0 March, US Zone licensees have
, roduced 29539 books and pamphlets, and 26f
periodicals. The vast majority are of little
re-orientation value, but they are about all
that officials expect in a badly crippled
oountry which i; jnst emerging from a severe
(Continted on page 23)

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