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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 86 (March 1947)

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Pertinent excerpts from official instructions
are printed for the benefit of our readers.
Official copies of the quoted circulars, let-
ters, and directives may be obtained by writ-
ing to the originating headquarters.
Nazi Officers Not "Followers"
A change in instructions to be given to
Public Prosecutors in connection with clas-
sification of Nazi party office holders is
noted in OMGUS Directive AG 014.311 to
the Director, Regional Government Coordi-
nating Office, dated 10 March 1947, entitled
"Disapproval of Proposed Instructions con-
cerning Findings of Follower against Of-
ficers of Nazi Organizations."
The Directive explains that, as presently
worded, the proposed instruction to Public
Prosecutors constitutes an open invitation to
find Nazi party office holders below the
rank of Ortsgruppenleiter to be followers.
This instruction is disapproved, for' the
reasons that "both the Law for Liberation
from National Socialism and Militarism and
Control Council Directive No. 24 recognize it
as a most important general rule that holding
office or other evidence of Nazi activity
establishes such a strong presumption that a
person was more that a nominal Nazi (and
therefore ineligible for classification as a
follower) that only in the most exceptional
cases is such a finding possible."
The Directive further points out that, "be-
cause of the fact that a finding of follower
makes the respondent eligible for appoint-
ment or reinstatement in public and semi-
public office and positions of responsibility
in important private undertakings (unless
discretionary sanctions authorized by Article
18 (2) are imposed), it is of greatest im-
portance that the definitions of follower or
nominal Nazi contained in the law and in
Control Council Directive No. 24 be strictly
construed. Otherwise the most important de-
nazification objective of the Law for Liber-
ation and Control Council Directive No. 24
will be defeated."-
Exhibit Program Set Up
The establishment of a Pictorial Exhibits
program, initiated  by the Office of the
Director of Information Control, OMGUS,
is provided for in OMGUS Directive AG 001
(IC), dated 8 March 1947. The purpose of
the program is to familiarize the German
population with all phases of American life,
reflected in photographs, charts, and other
exhibits media.
The Directive states in part: "Pictorial
exhibits will be the responsibility of the
Director of Information Control. Exhibit
themes will be decided by the Director of In-
formation Control in consultation with Di-
rectors of other OMGUS agencies . . .
"Movement of exhibits throughout the US
Zone will be supervised by the l)irector of
Information Control. Within the US Zone
and US Sector of Berlin, Chiefs of US In-
formation Centers will be responsible for
finding  suitable  locations  for  exhibits
through MG channels.
"To implement this program adequately,
the full-time assignment of one US civilian
specialist and four German civilians at OM-
GUS and one US civilian in each Land.
under the supervision of the Chief, US In-
formation Centers, Information Control Di-
vision, is considered necessary."
Proclamation No. 4
Under provisions of Proclamation No. 4,
which became effective March 1, 1947, many
of the broad powers given to Military Gov-
ernment when the occupying forces moved
into Germanv have been redefined and sub-
stantially limited.
The new proclamation modifies Procla-
mation No. 2, issued 20 September 1945,
under which Military Government assumed
control of much of the legislative, judical,
and executive power of the conquered
country. It also limits the powers that had
been delegated to the Ministers President
under proclamation No. 2.

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