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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 86 (March 1947)

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for children's nurses. Both are two-year
courses with 300 hours of theory. In order
to enter, applicants must have completed the
eighth grade and have worked as a domestic
helper for one year. There are no schools or
courses for advanced nursing. In addition.
nursing councils have been established in
each Land and are beginning to function; a
nurse has been appointed in each Land de-
partment to be in charge of nursing affairs;
and the Red Cross sisterhoods and the Free
Nurse associations have been reorganized on
democratic lines up to the Land level.
An American civilian nurse from OMGUS
Public Health Branch spends a large share
of her time in the field observing, advising,
and reporting on the activities of some 32,042
nurses and 4,878 midwives in the US Zone.
Public health nursing, also under her guid-
ance. is done by women who are educated in
schools for social workers, and are attached
to health departments as medical social work-
ers. Some of them are graduate nurses, but
many of them only have a prerequisite of six
months to a year's work in a hospital. Visit-
ing nursing, or hourly bedside nursing in
homes, usually is done by nurses from relig-
ious orders.
Since the end of the war the nursing or-
ganizations mentioned above have met and
discussed major nursing problems as they
apply to each group. Each organization
wishes to maintain its own identity but
wishes to set standards and prepare laws
and policies on nursing so that uniformity
can be reached. An advisory Nursing Coun-
cil has been created in each Land. The coun-
cil is composed of members of each nursing
A nurse of the Oscar-Helene-Heim in Berlin-Dahlm checks
on the needs of two youngsters in one-of the home's wards.
Phcto by PRO OMGUS

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