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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 85 (March 1947)

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searches, and spot checks. Existing MG reg-
ulations pertaining to the extent of author-
ity of German border police will remain the
same. The change involves only a transfer
of responsibility, while  existing  policy
directives- remain unchanged.
Personnel Changes
Dr. Edward H. Litchfield has been ap-
pointed director o-f the Civil Administration
Division, OMGUS, effective 15 March, 1947.
Dr. Roger H. Wells is named acting director
of the division during the absence of Dr.
Litchfield to attend the Moscow Conference
of Foreign Ministers.
Ellsworth Wolfsperger, for many years a
specialist in American public personnel pro-
cedures, was named chief of the Civil Serv-
ice Branch of the Civil Administration
Division, OMGUS. He is responsible for
supervision of the German effort to build a
democratic civil service in the Laender and
local governments of the US Zone. Mr.
Wolfsperger succeeds Lt. Colonel Howard P.
Jones, now chief of the Public Finance
Branch, Finance Division, OMGUS.
Lt. Col. Charles F. Heasty, Jr., has been
appointed acting Secretary General, OM-
GUS, replacing Col. William Whipple.
MG Laws No. 52 and 53
MG Laws No. 52 and 53 remain in effect
in the US Zone although the US Government
has authorized the removal of Germany from
the Trading with the Enemy Act so far as
current transactions are concerned, OMGUS
has announced, Similar laws are effective in
the other zones of occupation.
MG Laws No. 52 and 53 prohibit trans-
actions between persons in and outside Ger-
many as well as transactions in property
within Germany belonging to persons outside
Germany except as licensed by the respective
Military Governments.
The Joint Export-Import Agency (US-
UK) will now authorize persons in the US-
UK Zones of Germany to contract with per-
sons outside Germany for the export of
merchandise under a special type of con-
tract which will contain certain standard
terms and conditions to be announced later.
All foreign exchange, however, or all other
value accruing outside Germany involving
the two zones shall be solely for the account
of the US-UK Military Governments. Con-
tracts which may be currently signed by
German suppliers must be reviewed by the
Joint Export-Import Agency (US-UK).
OMGUS is also prepared to authorize the
appointment by persons in the United
Nations and neutral countries, except Spain
and Portugal, of agents of their own choos-
ing within Germany to assume custody and
control of the property of the foreign owner.
Thereafter the agent will be permitted the
direct management of their property by the
foreign owners, provided that the agent has
been properly denazified and that the
property will continue to be operated per-
suant to all existing German and MG laws
and policies.
No communications, however, will be
authorized involving German external assets
or which would have the effect of accruing
any foreign resources except as authorized by
the two Military Governments.
The removal of Germany from the Trad-
ing with the Enemy Act is a step forward
in re-establishing normal trade relations
between Germany and the outside world, but
Military Government will continue to exer-
cise a measure of control over the final trans-
actions in order to carry out Government
policy and to conserve foreign exchange
Banking Service Authorized
The American Express Company has been
authorized to conduct a limited banking serv-
ice for American personnel stationed in
Germany beginning 15 March. Offices for
this service are to be opened in Bremen,
Wiesbaden, Berlin, and Vienna. Checking
and depositing accounts services will be
furnished and checkbooks may be acquired
at any branch office. Savings accounts will
not be available. Payment of local bills will
be taken care of through this service and
cables may be procured for sending money
to the United States.

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