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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

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capped and partially-employable persons.
Employment, unemployment, and labor re-
quirements in Germany as a whole must be
analyzed and a general Allied policy devel-
oped for transferring German workers to
other zones and countries to meet specific
manpower requirements.   i
As industry is reconstructed along new
industrial patterns, workers need training
and retraining to satisfy changing skill
requirements. They must then be apportioned
throughout the Zone according to the needs
of the German economy and the occupation
forces. These problems are of special inter-
est to the Manpower Allocation Branch.
Recently, in two industries where there were
dangerous labor shortages, the Branch took
action to make more manpower available for
the repair of railway rolling stock and for
work in the coal mining industry.
Inspection is perhaps the most difficult
job of the Allocation Branch. The work of
the German Administration must be examin-
ed regularly to see that it carries out Control
Council laws, orders, and directives, and MG
regulations. Until recently, this task was
done by the regional manpower officers, but
with the limited size of staffs in the field,
the Allocation Branch is devoting more time
to enforcement and investigation of labor
shortages and misuse of available manpower
in the field.
The Wages and Labor Standards Branch
develops policies for controlling wage rates
and income, for regulating hours and condi-
tions of work, and for reviewing protective
labor legislation. It also is responsible for
forming a policy for allocating housing
space, maintaining construction standards
for new housing, and stimulating building
and repair of damaged housing space.
In the field of wages, the Standards
(Continued on page 39)
Allocating housing space for workers whose homes have been wrecked like the
family unit pictured above is a responsibility of officials of MGs Manpower
Photo by Bylers

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