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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

[Military government series],   pp. [4]-[29] PDF (18.4 MB)

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self-governing bodies.
And finally, available housing space must
be distributed so as to prevent disease and
unrest. This includes repair and construc-
tion of workers' housing, maintenance of
construction standards, and establishment of
a priority system for allocation of housing
The Manpower Division's authority for
carrying out this work comes from the Pots-
dam Agreement, the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Memorandum 1067/68, Military Government
Regulations Title 15, and quadripartite legis-
lation, as embodied in the various Control
Council laws, directives, and orders.
The structure of the Division is simple.
In addition to the secretariat and the admin-
istrative offices, it is divided into five
branches: Manpower Allocation; Wages,
Labor Standards and Housing; Labor Rela-
tions; Social Insurance; and Reports and
(Left) A German worker at the Opel automobile
factory in Russelheim; (below) a woman employed
by the Lorenz Radio Co. in Berlin. The supervision
of their working conditions is a responsibility of-the
Manpower Division.           Signal Corps Photos
out these objectives, the Division encourages
the use of incentives and decent methods of
placement rather than the Nazi-like methods
of compulsion.
Second, democratic principles must be ob-
served in industrial relations and *in the'
forming of trade unions. X
Third, German workers must. receive
wages high enough to maintain decent living
standards within the limits set by Allied
policy; wages must be adjusted in unfair
cases and for the purpose of encouraging
problem industries; wage changes must not
produce inflation; and -  for reasons of
health and efficiency - there must be satis-
factory working conditions in German in-
Fourth, German agencies must adopt uni-
form social security provisions for workers
and their dependents, organized on a Land
basis -under the administration of democratic,

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