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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

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this shortage has the effect of restricting
paper to high priority. publications. Con-
.tinuing efforts are being made to: increase
the allocation of paper to Information Con-
trol, and donations of paper by nationals of
other countries are encouraged. But in spite
of this shortage, at the end of 1946, 1,941
books and pamphlets had been published and
255, periodicals were in distribution. There
were 286. licensed- publishers and 9,168
registered book dealers, printers, and lending
As in the- news field, some -progress has
been made in interzonai exchange of publica-
tions. The British Zone exchanges material
freely with the US- Zone, . and exchange
has been agreed upon in principle, with
the French _Zone.  A  depository. library
(Deutsche" Bibliothek) has been established at
Frankfurt to contain all German publications
in the Western Zones since the occupation.
The library is thus useful as an exhibit of
publications for domestic and foreign buyers.
The staff produces a current bibliography-
of the publications received and makes sys-
tematic reviews of publishers' programs.
Publications Control Branch of ODIC has
specific re-education duties to perform, and
in, line with: these are the continuing develb
o.pment of US Information Centers, which
numbered 16 as 1946,ended. These centers,
modeled after the US information libraries
scattered throughout the world,. are a valu-
able source of knowledge    for  German
scholars, scientists students, researchers, an-d
the 'general. public. They have a total of
40,620 books to which new titles are added
To give German readers a wider field of
selection, translation rights to American
books have been sold to German publishers.
Additional American' reading matter' was
provided through US Treasury. Department
licenses permitting importation and sale of
US' magazines, including Newsweek, Time,
and Life. Th'ese --are sold in Germany for
blocked marks. Additional magazines. include
Ing Omniibook and Reader's Digest, are ex-
pected to make their appearance in the near
To give Germans -the full story of the
Nuremberg trials, many phases of the pro-
ceedings have been published, including
Justice Jackson's three prosecution speeches
before the International Military Tribunal,
the court's verdict, and several Nazi docu-
ments used as evidence by the Allied pros-
ecution.  The Nuremberg documents, in
photostat or typewritten form, have been
placed in a depository at Nuremberg (later
to be moved to Heidelberg University) for
use by German scholars or historians.
Military Government reaches the German
people directly through another outlet similar
in purpose to the official newspaper "Die
Neue Zeitung," but wholly different in form.
This is the magazine "Heute"     (Today)
published  in Munich by   the Publishing
Operations Branch, Information Control Di-
vision,' Office of Military Government for
Bavaria. Fashioned somewhat after the
magazine Life, "Heute" presents a balanced
reading' diet of American, world, and Ger-
man news and pictures. With a circulation
of 400,000 it has won wide favor for its
contents and objectivity.
Military Government has two other of-
ficial publications, the "Amerikanische Rund-
schau," (American Review), with a circula-
tion 'of '110,000, and "Neue Auslese,"' (New
Digest), with a circulation of 250,000. This
latter' magazine is a joint British-American
German citizens- in US-occupied areas of
Germany have another and equally impor-
tant source of -news and ideas in the five'
radio- stations controlled by Military Govern-
ment in the US Sector of Berlin, Bremen,
Stuttgart, Frankfurt, 'and Munich. While
their prime purpose- is projection of America,
their programs offer -a -balance of material
raifging from news broadcasts and political
discussion to finding of lost German children.
All -stations - emphasize  official United

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