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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

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journalism bore fruit in the excellent cover-
age of the Nuremberg war crimes trials be-
fore the International Military Tribunal.
Accounts of the historic proceedings were
climaxed by the first newspaper extras since
the beginning of the occupation.
Perhaps the highest praise for any US
Zone newspaper has been won by "Die
Neue Zeituno," the official MG publication.
When the newspaper celebrated its first
anniversary on 18 November, General Eisen-
-hower gave it high praise saying that the
paper is fulfilling its mission of reorienting
the German people along democratic lines.
Not the least of the publication's functions
is its example to other licensed newspapers
of smart editing and reporting. Published in
the Munich plant which once produced the
infamous Goebbels journal, "Voelkische Be-
obachter," the new MG publication has in-
stituted an American-type editorial page and
(Left) Two German civilian employees of * Die
Neue Zeitung" monitor foreign news broadcasts;
(below) German compositors setting up the pages
of the' "Frankfurter Rundschau." Signal Corps Photos
German governments - took the first steps
to form a joint zonal committee. The pub-
lishers likewise actively participated in draft-
ing proposed press and licensing laws. In
Bavaria, publishers and newsmen hope to
raise newspaper standards with a recently-
established school of journalism where prac-
tical writing courses are given.
To obtain a free flow of news among the
four zones, the Allies reached an understand-
ing on a quadripartite level for the exchange
of news agency files. Subsequently, under-
standing agreement was established on a tri-
zonal basis for the exchange of newspapers
and correspondents with the French and
British Military Governments. The British
agreement was implemented, but implementa-
tion of the French accord awaits settlement
of the Saar question.
Constant training of German reporters and
editors in the American method of factual

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