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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 79 (February 1947)

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transmission scrutiny to post-transmissiOnl
examination of the news file. Licensing gave
additional responsibility to DENA's editorial
management, with the US press control staff
maintaining a measure of watchfulness to
determine that MG policies and directives
were carried out.
Along with the expanding German-licensed
press, OMGUS Press Control Branch estab-
lished second, or competing, newspapers in
such principal cities as Berlin, Kassel, Frank-
furt, Munich, and Stuttgart. This procedure-
limited only by the critical shortage of news-
print, supplies, and trained personnel -
followed MG's policy of building a free.,
democratic, and non-monopolistic press.
Greater freedom for the licensed press was
provided by Policy Instruction No. 3, which
gave newspapers the right to use the services
of foreign news and publishing agencies and
to quote from foreign radio stations. Infor-
mation from these sources may be used with
certain restrictions: That the news does not
contain Nazi or militaristic propaganda or
any material tending to incite riot or dis-
order, or malicious criticism of Military Gov-
ernment and the Allied powers. The press
also has been given increased editorial re-
sponsibility by the Allied Control Authority
Directive No. 40.
Other MG news sources are opening up.
Recently German press and radio correspond-
ents for the first time were permitted access
to US press centers and other army installa-
tions for news material. Early in 1947,
authorized German correspondents were given
permission to attend press conferences of the
Deputy Military Governor.
To coordinate all their work and discuss
problems as they arise, German publishers'
associations in the Laender - which act as
effective instruments for the strengthening
and improvement of newspapers, DENA, and
the publishers' relations with Military and
Three German correspondents of US licensed
newspapers covering the Nuremberg trials read
the latest news developments from a teleprinter
supplied by Information Control. Signal Corps Phowo

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