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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

German reactions,   pp. 22-23 PDF (980.1 KB)

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Unanimity Urged
The- Stuttgarter Nachri"hten advocated a
-coalition  gpvernment 'in  Wuerttemberg-
Badensirilar J;toghe- English wartime gov-
ernmeritt and-- attacked recent suggestions
concerning the nature of the opposition. The
editorial said in part:
"We will not measure the achievements of
this (newly elected) government as one
usually measures governments, by the
lowering of tax rates, increase of sugar pro-
duction, reduction of students per class-
room. Let us harbor no illusions! The
achievements of this first democratic gov-
ernment since 1932 will be measured by the
mortality rate of this coming winter.... In
this desparate situation, many persons sug-
gest a 'normal' game between government
and opposition. This seems to be a disser-
vice to our growing democracy."
German Voice at Moscow
Der Abend, US-licensed independent
evening newspaper in Berlin, declared
application by German political leaders for
permission to attend the coming Moscow
conference is justified in principle. The
newspaper said, "When the German fate is
decided one should not be silent in Ger-
Pointing out there is no German govern-
ment yet, the paper stated there are, how-
ever, men in Germany who can speak for
the German population. 'The paper cited
as such party leaders, ministers of the Ger-
man Laender, and journalists.
"These competent persons," declared the
paper, "should raise their voices in order
to . .  be heard  abroad. They   have a
responsibility  greater  than ever before.
They should speak tactfully and with sense."
The Stuttgarter Nachrichten, in an edi-
torial on the same subject, critized the lack
of preparation in Germany for a peace
conference. In making comparison with
1919, the paper said, "The Allies have
again made extensive preparations for the
peace, with Germany. However, in Germany
itself almost nothing has been done or
prepared. There are hardly any specialists
who have learned the methods and ways of
international relations and have at the
same time refused to be fellow travelers in
the way of the Third Reich."
Denazification Prerequisites
"If denazification is to be successful,"
said the Fraenkische Nachrichten (Tauber-
bischofsheim), "it is tied to these three pre-
requisites: the existence of the people ac-
cording to European minimum standards, the
reconstruction of the economy in a socialis-
tic form, and third the political seriousness
and the complete honesty of Germans in
the Spruchkammern.... No one of these
prerequisites alone is sufficient."
Party Newspapers
The reasons for the impracticability of
permitting party newspapers at the present
in the US occupied area of Germany were
cited in an editorial in the Fraenkische
Landeszeitung (Ansbach). The editorial
read in part:
"The forest of sheets rustled loudly. One
part of the newspapers served capital?, the
other the parties. But true freedom and
independence had to be sought under the
microscope. And after 1933, the press be-
came completely the amenable slut of Hitler
and his minions . . .
'"At present they are working again
to  build the  German   press.  In  Gar-
misch-Partenkirchen, the publishers of all
the papers licensed in the American
Zone convened a short time ago ... The
demand raised by the political parties for
party newspapers found no echo. The will
to strengthen the independence and freedom
of the present papers found universal ap-
proval. To be sure, the right for issuance
of a party press was recognized, but the
time for these has not yet come, for many
technical, material, and ideal reasons . . .

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