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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

German reactions,   pp. 22-23 PDF (980.1 KB)

Page 22

Foreign Speaking Engagements
Draw Varied Press Comment
The official visits of the Rev. Martin
Niemoeller to the United States and Kurt
Schumacher, leader of the Social Democratic
Party in western Germany, to England for
speaking engagements drew varied editorial
comment from the licensed German press.
I n criticizing Niemoeller's trip, the
Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich) said: "We
would like to make the Americans aware of
the fact that only an exceedingly small part
of the Germans see Niemoeller as their
representative, while the vast majority
regrets the impression created abroad that
he speaks for the German people, or even
for the Christian churches of Germany....
"Anybody who reads Niemoeller's little
book 'From Submarine to the Pulpit' must
be struck by the mental primitivity and
even more by the theological half-education
of the author.... Now he travels through
the United States giving lectures that are
of such caliber that they were publicly
attacked by Mrs. Roosevelt because she
justly believes that it is not enough to be an
enemy of Hitler if one does not also fight
against the principles that made him
possible in the first place."
An editorial in Der Neue Tag (Weiden)
on the English visit of Schumacher said he
"is probably the most striking political per-
sonality of postwar Germany. Unafraid, he
states the facts and is not above pointing out
the mistakes of the occupation forces and
the unavoidable necessities which might
prevent the final decline of Germany and
the endangering of Europe.... Dr. Schu-
macher has become the spokesman of the
German people."
The Fraenkische Presse (Bayreuth) com-
mented that the English saw Schumacher as
a representative not of Germany which
fought Englanl
Germany. The
is a number of persons who believe that the
visit of Dr. Schumacher was a demonstra-
tion. One can only say to that: Yes! But
a peaceful one, and Germany and the
European nations who honestly live in peace
need as much as possible of that!"
"Second Nuremberg Trial"
The opening of the "Second Nuremberg
Trial" of 23 accused German doctors and
scientists brought strong editorials in the
German press of the US Zone, according to
the weekly press analysis of the Office of
the  Director  of  Information  Control,
The Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich) said,
"One gets the impression that there is less
divergence of opinion about this trial than
about any of the previous war crime
trials .   The physicians that now stand
before their judges at Nuremberg find an
unanimous and well-founded hostility among
the public, a hostility derived from justified
fear - different from the political main
offenders whose dilletantism was borne with
equanimity and later even forgiven by our
politically somewhat cold-blooded public.
Everybody feels personally endangered, be-
cause tomorrow he may himself be an inmate
of a clinic and a helpless medical 'case'."
The Fuldaer Volkszeitung said in an
editorial: "All medical science is an un-
broken chain of proof that after serious
scientific tests there are no so-called in-
curable diseases which cannot be cured at a
certain stage of medical knowledge." The
editorial continued, "The spirit of fascist
barbarism must give way for the spirit of
humanity, the lack of consideration for
human life must be replaced by its highest
consideration. Such acts of shame can
never recur when the spiritual reorientation
of our people asserts itself."

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