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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

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Pertinent excerpts from official instruc-
tions are printed- for the benefit of our
readers. -..Official copies of the quoted
tirculars, letters, and directives may be ob-
tained by writing to the originating head-
Release of Internees
Conditions under which physically or
mentally incapacitated internees may be
released from civilian internment enclosures
for trial in their home communities are set
forth in OMGUS Cable V-11632 dated 13
Regional officers of MG are authorized to
approve requests by Ministers of Political
Liberation to release internees, but approvals
should be confined to cases where the
security hazard is slight and no objective
of MG is endangered.
Building Temperatures
New instructions regarding temperatures
to be maintained in various types of installa-
tions have been issued by USFET in Cable
SC-25699, dated 16 December.   Pointing
out that the critical coal situation makes
economy imperative, the cable designates
building temperatures as follows: medical
installations, seventy-two degrees; storage
facilities, fifty degrees; maintenance facili-
ties, sixty degrees; and all other buildings,
sixty-five degrees.
Attendance at I &       E Schools
"Only military personnel will be enrolled
in classes taught by US civilian instructors
paid from War Department appropriated
funds," states USFET directive "Attendance
of Civilians at Information and Education
Command Schools," AG 352-AGO dated
7 December. US civilian employees may be
enrolled in classes taught by instructors paid
from other than appropriated funds, provid-
ed that they can be accomodated without
interfering with the enrollment of military
personnel, but allied civilians and depend-
ents of officers, enlisted men, and civilian
employees will not be registered.
Nationality Classification
Clarification of nationality classification
under the Kennkarte program is contained
in Cable V-11802 dated 18 December. The
cable states: "To avoid future confusion,
and to prevent some persons from obtaining
privileges of a preferred status, to which
they are not entitled, the following instruc-
tions apply: German expellees from Poland,
Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Austria will
be registered as German. Persons who are
not German nationals by birth or naturaliza-
tion, or who have not established a bona
fide 'stateless persons' status, will be
registered under the nationality of the
country from which they came. If such
nationality, or any claim of foreign national-
ity, is unsupported by documentary or other
conclusive evidence, the statement 'un-
verified' will be added following the state-
ment of nationality."
Farm Equipment Census
A census of all new and used farm ma-
chinery and equipment owned by farmers,
custom workers, cooperatives, and dealers
will be made on 4 February 1947, according
to Cable V-11835 dated 19 December. This
census will be taken in accordance with an
agreement reached by the Allied Control
Authority and is being coordinated in the
US Zone by the Laenderrat.
Discharged      Military   Personnel
Effective immediately, the appointment of
discharged military personnel in the Theater
will be in accordance with the standard
conditions of employment as set forth in a
War Department Civilian Personnel Circu-
lar, which provides for a minimum period
of one year service from date of entrance
on duty in civilian employment. This policy
is set forth in USFET cable, reference
number SC-24323, dated 5 December 1946.

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