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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

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top German economics organizations of both
zones, stimulation of interzonal trade, enforce-
ment of price controls, and maximizing of
coal and allowable steel production.
Farm cooperatives freed from Nazi legal
and administrative restrictions and restored
to the basis of operation prevailing in dem-
ocratic countries.
Ten thousand tons of raw cotton to be
imported from US for production of needed
items such as grain sacks and work clothing.
Labor registration figures show 3,165,000
persons registered in Bavaria, 1,338,000 in
Greater Hesse, 1,358,000 in Wuerttemberg-
Baden. Of these 946,000 are unemployed.
Annual trade up to RM 2,000,000 agreed
by German economics officials of the US
and Soviet Zones.
Tuberculosis shows a slight but steady
The German Law for Liberation from
National Socialism and Militarism issued.
Newly organized German border police
augmenting tactical troops operating on all
borders of the Zone.
The following order of priority in hiring
set by the Coordinating Committee: victims
of Nazism, active resistants, and persons
who have never been Nazi Party or sub-
sidiary organization members.
Approval given Bavarian proposal that
pupils of former Nazi schools be admitted
under special conditions to approved secon-
dary schools to continue studies under cir-
cumstances favoring intellectual reorienta-
Having   learned  that declarations  of
possession of looted property are to be
required, some   Germans begin to report
property not yet claimed by any Allied
Typhus in the Zone is only one-half of
the rate for Germany in the same period
in  1943  despite favorable  transmission
ODIC survey reveals half of families have
radios and listen an average of two hours
daily. Sixty-three percent hear "Voice of
America" programs originating in New
Release of 12,500 US Army vehicles to
German civilian economy authorized.
German premiere of Howard Hanson's
Third Symphony presented in Wiesbaden.
Reestablishment of Bavarian Teachers
Association approved. Fourteen percent of
(Continued on page 34)
German workers vote in the first shop steward
elections to be held in Berlin factories since 1933.
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