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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

[Highlights of policy],   pp. [4]-18 PDF (8.7 MB)

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policy in Giermany which was delivered 0 September in atuftgart.
population and to contribute to public
Arming of German civil police with
weapons of non-German manufacture author-
ized. The supply is sufficient for 74 percent
of civil police in the Zone.
First engineering college authorized to
reopen at Darmstadt.
The denazification of the German water-
ways agencies 100 percent complete in the
Rhine and Danube divisions.
Forty-five thousand tons of surplus US
Army food released for displaced persons
and German hospitals.
Restrictions on withdrawal of cash on
unblocked accounts lifted in most of Zone
as bank deposits continue to exceed with-
Survey shows the majority of Germans
favor religious education in the schools and
are satisfied with the present school system.
In the first step taken for the return of
self-government in all of Germany, Gemeinde
elections held in communities of less than
20,000 population. Of the eligible voters,
83 percent went to the polls, divided in the
final tabulation: Christian Democratic Union
35.6 percent, Social Democrats 24 percent,
Communists three percent, Liberal Democrats
two percent, non-partisans and small parties,
30 percent.
Up to 15 January, 1,194,000 Fragebogen,
except under Regulation No. 8, received by
Special Branch units with 987,000 processed.
Twenty-three percent of those for employees
in public office are in "non-employment
mandatory" category, of which three percent
are still retained or employed.
Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire re-
turned to Vienna.
A report on the 349 movie theaters opera-
ting indicate the theaters are filled to capa-
city, the audiences tense and sober with a
general feeling of regret and sorrow but
little sense of responsibility.
Revised estimates of indigenous food
available for non-self suppliers show in-
creases over earlier compilations in bread-
grains, potatoes, fats, and milk due to better

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