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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

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tion increased appreciably during 1946.
Camera production in the US Zone rose from
4,000 units in March 1946 to 15,000 units in
October. Radio receiving sets increased from
23 in March to 759 in October. An ap-
preciably larger number of radios were
partially assembled in October, but lack of
necessary tubes prevented complete assembly.
The automotive industry is at present pro-
ducing no passenger cars because of the
critical need for trucks. From 1 to 23
October, the Opel plant built 625 1Y2-ton
trucks, Daimler Benz turned out 250 of the
same type, and M.A.N. at Nuremberg pro-
duced 26 heavy Diesel trucks. Quadripartite
attention is currently being focused on pro-
viding an adequate future supply of auto-
motive replacement parts and assemblies. In
the US Zone particular attention is being
given to planning production of automotive
spare parts for export.
All building materials have shown definite
increases in production, made possible by the
channeling of adequate coal by German
economic agencies into a field which must
meet one of the country's most immediate
needs. German authorities in the US Zone
are currently working out a system for con-
trolling and licensing construction, to be put
into effect in 1947, together with a general
building and construction program being
formed by the Laenderrat. A limited number
of pre-fabricated houses are expected to be
available to ease the housing problem in
Building materials continue to be an im-
portant item in the export program for the
US Zone. The export of lumber to the United
Kingdom will continue into 1947, but on the
expiration of existing commitments it is
planned to reduce exports of raw lumber,
and instead convert it into articles on which
more labor will have been expended and for
which greater export prices can be obtained.
At the beginning of 1946 paper production
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A worker at Berlin's Lorenz radio plant
assembling communicotions equipment.
Signal Corps Photo

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