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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 74 (January 1947)

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German civilians registering for
municipal elections in Munich.
The state governments of Bavaria, Greate
Hesse, and Wuerttemberg-Baden which Wer
set up in 1945 rested solely on the fiat c
Military Government which appointed eac
Land minister-president and his cabinet. 'I
January 1946, a representative element wa
added in the form of an advisory legislativ
body chosen by the minister-president an
representing political parties and othe
Prior to 1933, the German states, like thos
of the United States, had their own consti
tutions. In a directive issued in Februar
1946, Military Government outlined the step
to be taken in rebuilding the constitutiona
foundations of the states of the US Zone
Pursuant to that directive, the ministers-pres
ident appointed preparatory constitutions
commissions to gather materials and mak
studies and proposals for the use of consti-
t-tional conventions. On 30 June, consti-
ttonal conventions were electedi Bavaria,
li  -Greater Hlesse, 'and:- WuerttemhergBaden
n     which drafted constitutions and submitted
IS    them to Military Government for review in
e     late September and early October. Thle'con-
ad   -stitutions were likewise reviewed by the War
xr    and State Departments in Washington. A few
changes were suggested by Military Govern-
mient oancby Washing, and these changes
'were. incorporated in -the 'constitutions as
e     final passed ,by theconventions at the end
i o Otober. On 24 November in Wuerttem-
y     berg-Bden, and on 1 December in Bavaria
s     and Hesse, the voters ratified the constitutions
.1   Uandat the same time elected the state legis-
latures (Landtage). The legislatures convened
in December and elected the ministers-presi-
an R hdir ,cabinets. --Thus was inaugu-
ze a.t~, f      thrittm      since 1933, demo-
;'?t ' ' r,'' m ' .I'  (C48ontinue on page 27)

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