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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 72 (December 1946)

German reactions,   pp. 21-22 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 22

in, any case affected adversiey.AAre allpartic-  h .' nce- f therse otwortain
ipants-in the- USA awareE- ~Governmenit,''' ' ditions. '<s -The ~paper
iot~ed ithat ;ire.oeSoviet
management, and labor unionso-that the" ''' UAion demands   'fepa  
 rns     i'  'e';
political responsibility of the United States  current production, whereas
England and the
.fortheM'maintenance of peace in the world   United 'States desird that current
calts for economic responsibility? . . . It is  is used first for the payment
of food and
not enough to meet the economic responsi-    raw material imports.;     
bility. by supporting free trade and recon-    Turning to France, the paper
struction, by 'means. of loans. The conditions  that :the French demand the
immediate eco-
of distress and difficulties resulting from  nomic consolidation of the Saar
to France
American strikes bring- about suffering., This  and the internationalization'
of the Ruhr be-
should induce all participants to consider,  fore 'they give their agreement.
aside from personal welfare, not only nation-  Observing that Secretary Byrnes
and For-
al but also international welfare."          eign Minister Bevin are
willing to continue
trying to get the 'French. and Soviets in on
B i z o n al' M e rg e r            {he merger, the paper said there are,
that the' Soviets have become more ready for
In editorials on the bizonal merger of the  such negotiations, though there
will be great
British and American Zones, ' two Anglo-     difficulties until the economic
frontiers with
American licensed newspapers in Berlin ex-   the eastern zone are also cancelled.
pressed favorable_ .opinions. of the fusion,  on a note of hope, the paper
observed that in
while two Soviet controlled newspapers cited  spite of all difficulties the
western powers
reservations.  -                             are determined to speed 'up
the realization of
The' US-licensed Tagesspiegel was of the   the economic unity: of, Germany.
opinion that the fusion of the two western     Berliner Zeituiig, Soviet
licensed paper,
zones will have a greater importance than    observed that the agreement
is of importance
is now attributed to it, for the merger will  also for the occupation forces
because -it: is
also have effects on the international situation.  expected to reduce occupation
costs.  The
"Before the agreement was signed,"' de-    paper continued that
one expects favorable
dared' .the paper, "America and England      consequences for the Germans
by the econom-
made 'the greatest efforts to get. the other  ic merger of the two zones.'
One must wel-
Allies to join this agreement.  From.- now   come it if the merger does come
up to the
on . .  the initiative will lie with Russia  demands of, the people, admitted
the paper,
and France."                                 . '  adding the reservation
that the fusion does
Telegraf, British-licensed newspaper, found  not realize the economic unity
of Germany.
that the merger has political aspects; of      Der Morgen, Liberal Democratic
organ of
highest importance for the development in    the Soviet Sector, observed
that "undoubtedly
Germany, while at the same time it will con-  this means AI step forward,"'
on the way to
tribute to stabilize conditions ink western Eu-  economic. revival, yet 'one
should not exag-
rope. Stating that the Germans must show     gerate the consequences. Citing
the favorable
their will to make good, the paper added that  consequences which can come
from the mer-
the Allies have the task to provide the pree- . ger  such as the shipment
of food' from
suppositions for peaceful reconstruction.    Bavaria to the Ruhr 'in exchange
for in'
"The' United States and Great Britain have  dustrial products -. the
paper pointed -out that
realized that the merger of these two zones  o-n the other hand. this ''centralizing"
of eco-
is only' piece' work if the Soviet Union and  nomica forces should 'not lead
to the. isolation
France. 'do Inot join this union," noted the  of other parts -of the
country, meaning not
newspaper, observing-that the reason they    only .Berlin and the. east zone
but also te
have- not 'done so is because of the 'rigid ad-  French. occupied part of

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