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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 72 (December 1946)

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Pertinent excerpts from  official instruc-
tions are printed for the benefit of our read-
ers. Officiat copies of the quoted circulars,
letters, and directives may be obtained by
writing to the originating headquarters.
Historical Correspondence
In an effort to compile complete data for
writing the ' over-all history of OMGUS,
offices are instructed to submit any histor-
ical material and documents, as set forth in
"Historical Correspondence and Documents,"
AG 314.7 (CO), dated 4 December 1946.
The directive states: Each office -will
submit for reference and use as source ma-
terial any files, classified or unclassified,
which' are deemed of historical importance
before such materials are destroyed or other-
wise disposed of. Particular interest is ex-
pressed  for original correspondence aind
documents covering the planning stages of
functional offices and divisions.
Source materials should be addressed' to
Chief, Historical Section,- Control Office
OMGUS, APO 742, US Army.
Incident Reporting
Instructions for "Reporting of Crimes,
Offenses, and Serious Incidents by Military
Government Liaison and Security Offices"
are contained in MG directive AG 000.5 (CO)
dated' 6 December 1946.
The directive states, "Military 'Govern-
ment Liaison   and  Security Offices will
rtport to the- nearest Military Police and
Constabulary unit all crimes, offenses, and
serious -incidents 'of which  they  become
cognizant, as defined in Paragraph 2, USFET
Circular 152, "Reporting of Crimes, Offen-
ses, and Serious Incidents," dated 11 October
1946.' Reports will be submitted by 'the
fastest means and be confirmed by written
report or TWX   within 'twenty-fo.urr hours.
These written reports will follow 'the out-
line.prescribed by .USFET Circular 152; a
copy of each report' will be sent to the
regimental Por separate battalion commander
of any troops involved in such incidents.
Similar reports will be made to Land
Office Intelligence Officers.,"
The directive further specifies that copies
of serious incident reports will no longer be
forwarded to OMGUS as a matter of routine,
but that any serious incidents requiring
special attention will be forwarded by the
Land Office of Military Government. A file of
all serious incident reports made will be kept
available for inspection, but incident charts
as previously required need no longer be
kept by Liaison and Security Offices.
Maintenance- of Security
The objective of the occupation in preserv-
ing. peace and order in the US Zone of
Germany are set forth in OMGUS directive
AG 322 (CA) "Coordination with Constab-
ulary  or Tactical Military  Units with
Reference to Re-Establishment of Military
Government Controls"   dated 6 December
The, directive states: The preparation of
necessary plans for the re-establishment of
order and the maintenance of security-, in
emergencies should be the responsibility, of
the units which will have to carry out such
plans in. case of need. It is already SOP for
Liaison and Security Detachments to prepare
and periodically test, in collaboration with
local Constabulary and troops, security plans
for their respective Laender- andStadtkreise,
Such plans can and should .provide for the
contingency that fu-llMilitary Government
controls must be re-established locally.
German- Labor: Law
Effective 1' Jaiuary 1947 the German
labor law of' 20 January 1943 entitled "The
Organization of National Labor" is 'repealed
together with -all enactments concerning the
prosecution of the'law.' This action is con-
tained  in 'Control Council . Law  No. 40,
approved on 30 November' 1946.

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