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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

Press and radio comment,   pp. 18-31 PDF (7.5 MB)

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he was made Reich Youth Leader of the
Nazi Party with control over all Nazi youth
organizations including the Hitler Jugend.
... In 1940 von Schirach resigned as head
of the Hitler Jugend and Leader of Youth
in the German Reich, but retained his
position as Reichsleiter with control over
Youth Education. In 1940 he was appointed
Gauleiter of Vienna, Reich Governor of
Vienna and Reich Defense Commissioner
for that territory.
After the Nazis had come to power, von
Schirach, utilizing both physical violence
and official pressure, either drove out of
existence or took over all youth groups
which competed with the Hitler Jugend....
Von Schirach used the Hitler Jugend to
educate German youth "in the spirit of
National Socialism" and subjected them to
an intensive program of Nazi propaganda.
He established the Hitler Jugend as a source
of replacements for the Nazi Party forma-
tions.... Von Schirach also used the Hitler
Jugend for premilitary training.... Despite
the warlike nature of the activities of the
Hitler Jugend, however, it does not appear
that von Schirach was involved in the
development of Hitler's plan for territorial
expansion by means of aggressive war, or
that he participated in the planning or prep-
aration of any of the wars of aggression .
When von Schirach became Gauleiter of
Vienna the deportation of the Jews had
already been begun, and only 60,000 out of
Vienna's original 190,000 Jews remained....
The Tribunal finds that von Schirach, while
he did not originate the policy of deporting
Jews from Vienna, participated in this de-
portation after he became Gauleiter of
Vienna.... In the summer of 1942 von
Schirach telegraphed Bormann urging that a
bombing attack on an English cultural town
be carried out in retaliation for the assas-
sination of Heydrich which, he claimed, had
been planned by the British.
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that von
Schirach is not guilty on Count One
(conspiracy). He is guilty under Count
Four (crimes against humanity).
Sentence: Twenty years imprisonment.
Fritz Sauckel
Sauckel joined the Nazi Party in 1923
and  became Gauleiter of Thuringia in
1927 . . . . He became a member of the
Reichstag in 1933. He held the formal rank
of Obergrupenfuehrer in both the SA and
the SS.
On 21 March 1942 Hitler appointed
Sauckel Plenipotentiary General for the
Utilization of Labor, with authority to put
under uniform control "the utilization of
all available manpower, including that of
workers recruited abroad and of prisoners
of war."..... Under the authority which he
obtained.... Sauckel set up a program for
the mobilization of labor resources available
to the Reich. One of the important parts
of this mobilization was the systematic ex-
ploitation, by force, of the labor resources
of the occupied territories.... That real
voluntary recruiting was the exception
rather than the rule is shown by Sauckel's
statement on 1 March 1944, that "out of five
million foreign workers who arrived in Ger-
many not even 200,000 came voluntarily."...
There is no doubt, however, that Sauckel
had over-all responsibility for - the slave
labor program. At the time of the events
in question he did not fail to assert control
over the field which he now claims were the
sole responsibility of others....  He was
aware of ruthless methods being taken to
obtain laborers, and vigorously supported
them....   He was informed of the bad
conditions which existed....
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that
Sauckel is not guilty on Counts One and
Two (conspiracy, crimes against peace). He
is guilty under Counts Three and Four (wars
crimes, crimes against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Alfred Jodl
From 1935 to 1938 he was chief of the
National Defense Section in the High Com-
mand. In August 1939 he became Chief of
the Operations Staff of the High Command

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