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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

Press and radio comment,   pp. 18-31 PDF (7.5 MB)

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ministered abolished all opposition parties
and prepared the way for the Gestapo and
their concentration camps to extinguish all
individual opposition. He was largely
responsible for the legislation which sup-
pressed the Trade Union, the Church, the
Jews. He performed this task with ruthless
efficiency .
Frick devised an administrative organiza-
tion in accordance with wartime standards.
According to his own statements, this was
actually put into operation after Germany
decided to adopt a policy of war ....
Always rabidly anti-Semetic, Frick drafted,
signed and administered many laws designed
to eliminate Jews from German life and
economy. His work formed the basis of the
Nuremberg Decrees and he was active in
enforcing them .... While he was Reich
IJrotector of Bohemia and Moravia .... he
issued a decree providing for special penal
laws against Jews and Poles in the General
Government . . . . Frick bears general
responsibility for the acts of oppression in
that territory after 20 August 1943, such as
terrorism of the population, slave labor, and
the deportation of Jews to the concentration
camps for extermination.... He had knowl-
edge that insane, sick and aged people,
'fuseless eaters," were being systematically
put to death ....
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that Frick
is not guilty on Count One (conspiracy). He
is guilty of Counts Two, Three and Four
(crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes
against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Julius Streicher
One of the earliest members of the Nazi
Party, joining in 1921, he took part in the
Munich Putsch. From 1925 to 1940'he was
Gauleiter of Franconia. Elected to the
Reichstag in 1933, he was an honorary
general in the SA. His persecution of the
Jews was notorious. He was publisher of
"Der Sturmer," an    anti-Semitic weekly
newspaper, from 1923 to 1945 and was its
editor until 1933-....
For his twenty-five years of speaking,
writing and preaching hatred of the Jews,
Streicher was widely known as "Jew-Baiter
Number One." In his speeches and arti-
cles . . . . he infected the German mind with
the virus of anti-Semitism and incited the
German people to active persecution....
Streicher had charge of the Jewish boycott
of 1 April 1933. He advocated the Nurem-
berg Decrees of 1935.... As early as 1938
he began to call for the annihilation of the
Jewish race....
With knowledge of the extermination of
the Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territory,
this defendant continued to write and
publish his propaganda of death.... Strei-
cher's incitement to murder and extermination
at the time when Jews in the East were
being killed under the most horrible con-
ditions clearly constitutes persecution on
political and racial grounds in connection
with wars crimes .... and constitutes a crime
against humanity.
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds that
Streicher is not guilty on Count One (con-
spiracy), but that he is guilty on Count Four
(crimes against humanity).
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Walter Funk
Funk, who had previously been a finan-
cial journalist, joined the Nazi Party in
1931, and shortly thereafter became one of
Hitler's personal economic advisors. On
30 January 1933 he was made Press Chief
in the Reich Government, and on 11 March
1933 became Under Secretary in the Ministry
of Propaganda.... He took office as Minis-
ter of Economics and Plenipotentiary Gen-
eral for War Economy in early 1938 and
as President of the Reichsbank in January
1939.... He was made a member of the
Ministerial Council for the Defense of the
Reich in August 1939 and a member of the
Central Planning Board in September 1943.
Funk was active in the economic field
after the Nazi plans to wage aggressive war
had been clearly defined.... On 25 August
1939 he wrote a letter to Hitler expressing
gratitude that he was able to participate

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