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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

Press and radio comment,   pp. 18-31 PDF (7.5 MB)

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EISENHOWER        (Continued from page 12)
lashing by the press, we felt that at times
such as these the matter of perspective was
lost; that the error which had occurred and
which we remain ready to admit, and as a
matter of fact couldn't have denied if we
wanted to, was over-emphasized and was
made too important at the expense of the
background of real achievement that was
going on all around us.
I don't know anything about the press in
the other countries, in Russia, Great Britain,
or France, but our press at home, in the
US, shows on the part of the press represen-
tatives in the field the determination to
report accurately. The whole press in the
US has swung around to take a more com-
mon sense, definite and objective view of
the -job we have to do here. Possibly that
is the result, as far as I can see it, from the
work of you people in the field. Recently
there was a survey conducted by one of our
national polls and 88 percent of the people
of the'US stated that they thoroughly believ-
ed that occupation in Germany and Japan
would have to continue until the purposes
for which we went to war were fully
achieved. I am quite certain that if you had
put that same question in the same prose at
the- time of the historical demobilization
when everybody wanted to go home, let's
say about a year ago today, the answer
would have been about 20 percent.
My own conviction is you people here in
this area are doing your job. I should like to
include you therefore in my expression of
gratification with the way the job of oc-
cupation is being done. You people as al-
ways have as much responsibility to keep
your public in your various countries prop-
erly, fully and accurately informed as the
Army to carry out the policies that are laid
out by higher authority.
Only one other thought in closing before
,your questions is merely this: I should like
to say again we should not despair. Every
intelligent- person -in the world knows we
can't stand. another global war. Not just one
country or one section. Civilization cannot
stand another war. It is too much to ask
the world populations to pour their toil,
their sweat, their resources into nothing but
destruction which means only misery, defeat
and sorrow. I personally think we are
making progress in the other direction.
I am certain that every soldier I know who
has been through it is looking forward to
the day when intelligent education and
growth of understanding are going to put
people of my profession permanently out of
a job. I mean all soldiers and by soldiers
I mean all fighting soldiers.
BERLIN      ELECTIONS          (Continued from page 10)
the other great party of the masses, the
Social Democrats, and make one great work-
ers party. As much as ten months ago it
was- openly talked about; in December of
1945 it became a policy, and in January
and February plans were made to complete
the merger. The decision to accomplish the
fusion, while perfunctorily talked over with
various groups of party functionaries, actu-
ally was made by Grotewohl, the head of
the SPD, and Pieck, the head of the KPD.
Opposition was voiced from among the
rank and file of the SPD, and one concept
of Western. democracy -  that a decision
is based on the majority opinion of the
individuals concerned and not dictated by
the leaders - was given a test. On the last
Sunday in March, the members of the SPD
in the American, British and French Sectors
went to the polls to make their own deci-
sion. By an 80 percent vote of those part-
icipating in the referenda, they declared the
independence of the SPD -and completely
repudiated their leaders who had tried
to consummate the deal.
These leaders then declared the fusion an
accomplished fact, because they had decreed
it. But the SED is still the Communist party.

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