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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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Page 13

Army personnel in the ET are helping
the new German Youth Activities Pro-
gram by participating in a wide variety of
entertainment and recreational activities
sponsored by the US Army. An incentive
for soldiers to join in these activities is out-
lined in a forthcoming USFET directive
authorizing commanding officers to excuse
personnel from training duty up to four
hours a week for their efforts in helping the
Youth Program.
An example of the work being done is the
picnic outing recently sponsored by the Army
for 270 underprivileged German children of
Schwanheim, suburb of Frankfurt, in which
the children were treated to a wide assort-
ment of food, various types of recreation,
and music by an eight-piece German band.
In addition, eight to ten jeeps are made avail-
able each Sunday for the purpose of giving
the children short rides, and on one Sunday
a merry-go-round was rented through a vol-
untary contribution from all depot officers.
Another program, sponsored by MG Public
Wvelfare Department of Greater Hesse, was
a four weeks vacation for 450 Berlin children
in the famous tourist center of Ruedesheim-
on-Rhine.  During these four weeks the
children were given five meals daily to
counterbalance their undernourished con-
dition, the food being supplied by CRALOG,
Council of Relief Agencies Licensed to Oper-
ate in Germany.
The Theater Commander has expressed his
interest in this German Youth Activities Pro-
gram and his desire to see that everything is
done to further the efforts being made. In
a recent statement he said, "What we hope
to achieve is that a great number of German
vouth will absorb our democratic ideals and
that they in turn will become the future
leaders of the German nation. I am very
interested in this program and I intend to
follow it very closely indeed."
An American soldier gives bat-
ting instruction to a German youth
of a recent Army-sponsored out-
ing.            Signal Corps Photo

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