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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 62 (October 1946)

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In the face of these documents Ieitel does
not deny his connection with these acts.
Rather, his defense relies on the fact that he
is a soldier, and on the doctrine of "superior
orders," prohibited by Article 8 as a defense.
There is nothing in mitigation.  Superior
orders, even to a soldier, cannot be con-
sidered  in  mitigation  where  crimes as
shocking and extensive havQebeen committed
consciously, ruthlessly and YWithout military
excuse or justification.
Conclusion: The Tribunal finds Keitel
guilty on all four counts (conspiracy, crimes
against peace, war crimes, crimes against
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Ernst Kaltenbrunner
He joined the Austrian Nazi Party and
the SS in 1932. In 1935 he became leader
of the SS in Austria. After the Anschluss
he was appointed Austrian State Secretary
for Security and when this position was
abolished in 1941 he was made Higher SS
and Police Leader. On 30 January 1943 he
was appointed Chief of the Security Police
and SD and Head of the Reich Security
Head Office (RSHA), a position which had
been held by Heydrich until his assassina-
tion in June 1942. He held the rank of
Obergruppenfuehrer in the SS.
As leader of the SS in Austria Kalten-
brunner was active in the Nazi intrigue
against the Schuschnigg Government....
But there is no evidence connecting Kalten-
brunner with plans to wage aggressive war
on any other front....
As Chief of the RSHA, Kaltenbrunner
had authority to order protective custody to
and release from concentration camps....
Kaltenbrunner was aware of conditions in
concentration  comps....  Kaltenbrunner
himself ordered the execution of prisoners
in those -camps.... During the period in
which Kaltenbrunner was Head of     the
RSHA, it was engaged in a widespread
program of War Crimes and Crimes against
Humanity.   These  crimes  included  the
mistreatment and murder of prisoners of
war .... An order signed by Kaltenbrunner
instructed the Police not to interfer with
attacks on bailed-out Allied fliers.... The
RSHA played a leading part in the "final
solution" of the Jewish question by the
etermination of the Jews....
Conclusion: The   Tribunal finds  that
Kaltenbrunner is not guilty on Count One
(conspiracy). He is guilty under Counts
Three and Four (wars crimes, crimes against
Sentence: Death by hanging.
Alfred Rosenberg
He joined the Nazi Party in 1919, par-
ticipated in the Munich Putsch of 9 Novem-
ber 1923, and tried to keep the illegal Nazi
Party together while Hitler was in jail.
Recognized as the Party's ideologist, he
developed and spread Nazi doctrines in the
newspapers which he edited and in the
numerous books he wrote. His book "Myth
of the Twentieth Century" had a circulation
of over a million copies. In April 1933 he
was made Reichsleiter and head of the
Office of Foreign Affairs of the NSDAP
(APA). Hitler in January 1934 appointed
Rosenberg his Deputy for the Supervision of
the Entire Spiritual and Ideological Train-
ing of the NSDAP. In January 1940 he was
designated to set up the "Hohe Schule," the
Center of National Socialism Ideological and
Educational Research, and he organized the
"Einsatzstab Rosenberg" in connection with
this task. He was appointed Reich Minister
for the Occupied Eastern Territories on
17 July 1941.
As head of the APA Rosenberg was jn
charge of an organization whose agents were
active in Nazi intrigue in all parts of the
wrorld.... He played an important role in
the preparation and planning of the attack
on Norway.... Roseniberg bears a major
responsibility for the formulation and exe-
cution of occupation policies in the Occu-
pied Eastern Territories.... Rosenberg is
responsible for a system of organized
plunder of both public and private property
throughout  the   invaded   countries  of
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