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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 57 (September 1946)

German reactions,   pp. 24-25 PDF (985.9 KB)

Page 25

world news such as the intensified struggle
in Palestine, the Soviet note to Turkey con-
cerning the Dardanelles and the possibility
of civil war in China. The death of H. G.
Wells was widely reported and some notice
was given to -the anniversary of V-J Day.
SPD Program
The recent Social Democrat Party con-
vention received wide play in Berlin news-
papers, especially the -SPD organs. The
"Socialdemocrat" listed the party's program
in an appeal to Berliners for support.
- The paper said the party first notes that
there are two main tasks which must be
realized: The securing of the material exis-
tence of the Berliners and the securing of the
rights of man for everyone. To gain these
the party then lists the following demands:
"The Berlin population stand steadfast
against any attempt to surpress its newly
gained political freedom...
''A proper holding of elections not influ-
enced from any side...
"The exclusion of all open- and hidden
enemies of democracy from political ac-
tivity ...
"A Magistrat- based on the will of the
majority of the population . . . A clear sep-
aration between the powers of the forth-
coming town council and the new Magistrat.
"The setting up of a uniform economic
plan  for Berlin  which  guarantees full
employment ...
"Immediate  measures  to  prevent all
threats of existence, composed of inadequate
housing conditions, insufficient food, poor
"An equalization of the sharing of the
hardships of the war... and a just punish-
ment of those responsible for it..
"A  free development of youth organ-
izations ...
"Social security for all people unable to
work and aged persons... A stronger par-
ticipation of women in public..'
Noting that the fulfillment of these de-
mands is dependent! to a high degree on the
Allies, the party then requests the immediate
cancellation of the sector boundaries, a uni-
form supply plan, a more free and un-
obstructed traffic with the other zones,
security measures for personal liberty and
assurance that everyone arrested for political
reasons be brought before an Allied court in
the shortest time possible, protection in the
forthcoming voting campaign of free ex-
pression of opinion, objective criticism, and
safeguarding of the attitude of political
Critical of Constitution
Discussing the proposed draft constitution
for Bavaria, the Tagesspiegel noted that
-paragraph 18 provides that the government
of the state can request the public be ex-
cluded from negotiations of the Land Par-
liament. "This paragraph," declared the
paper, "indicates fear of the public. It
shouldn't be too easy for the government to
exclude the public, for one day the govern-
ment could misuse this paragraph. The fact
that democracy means open criticism must
be again and again stressed in Germany."
The paper observed that paragraph 49
provides that if the people demand a plebis-
cite on some subject the Land Parliament
can take almost a year determining the details.
"Is it wise," asked the paper, "to preserve
a plebiscite in the frigidaire of parliamentary
consideration for one year? . . . A plebiscite
has no value if the parties and others can
cripple it by delaying tactics."
Regarding paragraph 92, the paper de-
clared that one is truly astounded to read
"a declaration on birth rate acceleration."
The paper referred to sentences which state
that' . . . children are the most valuable
assets of a people" . . . "all girls will be
trained at the expense of the state in their
duties as mothers, above all taking care of
infants, educating children and doing house-
"Why must German girls be drilled in
their mother duties by the state?" asked the
paper, pointing out that one gets the im-
pression that the German Bavarian girl has
to fulfill a special mission in life.

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