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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 57 (September 1946)

German reactions,   pp. 24-25 PDF (985.9 KB)

Page 24

Food Situation Emphasized
By US Zone Licensed Press
Food stories comprised the major German
news during the week of 11-18 August, ac-
cording to the weekly analysis of the Ger-
man press by the Office of the Director of
Information Control, OMGUS. The increase
in the bread ration, the arrival of CARE
packages, the record harvest in the United
States, follow-up stories on the World Food
Conference and UNRRA were widely dis-
Editorial expressions concerningfoodwere
of a more critical tone. The Fuldaer Volks-
zeitung said, "There can be no doubt that
the cause of the present disinclination to
work and of the present apathy regarding
questions of economic and political recon-
struction can be found in the lack of suffi-
cient food." Der Morgen (Mannheim) like-
wise remarked that the still declining work-
ing morale cannot be raised without finding
a possibility "of granting participation in
the use of production to those who really
*    *    *
While the Paris Peace Conference con-
tinued prominently in the news columns,
there was little editorial comment. The
Fraenkische Landeszeitung (Ansbach), in
deploring by implication the fact that Ger-
many has no representation at the con-
ference, stressed, "A completely disarmed
but economically strong and united Germany
is a more significant factor in world politics
than the Germany would have been which
might have concluded the war with the
checkmate-peace hoped for by Goering and
his consorts. Conquests do not make a people
*    *    *
In connection with special attention given
by all newspapers in the US Zone to atomic
energy and the Baruch report to UN, the
Wetzlarer lS
saying "I he
Dniac seitLer~1e
forces of nature can be controlled for the
salvation of man only if they receive their
impulses from moral considerations .... In-
voluntarily the word of Rabindranath
Tagore occur to us when he was proudly
shown all the technical attainments during
his European visit and asked his opinion
about them. That was in 1920. He answered
with the apparently confusing sentence:
'The machines will destroy you.' Would
you laugh proudly and disbelievingly to-
*    *    *
"War turns today against its instigators,"
declared a Fraenkische Landeszeitung edi-
torial commenting on the Nuremberg trials.
"Hitherto a few have started the wars and
many fought them. Many died and a few
lived and harvested not seldom fame, wealth
and honor. If war criminals come before
the bar of justice not only in the case of
Germany, if these methods are applied in
the future to war criminals of other nations,
this circumstance might pen up the warlike
spirit of all responsible statesmen ... and
for this reason there must be above the
nations a permanent Center of Law which
will maintain the peace under all circums-
*    *    *
The anniversary of the Weimar Consti-
tution was noted in a feature article in the
Stuttgarter Zeitung which pointed out that
the constitution was given to a people
unused to democracy and it was unjust to
blame democracy for the eventual fate of
the constitution. The article added: "We
hope the experiences of the 14 years under
the Weimar Constitution and the 12 years
without it will be utilized in the creation of
the new constitutions."
In addition to the Peace Conference, the
German press published accounts of leading
'I" mkl;_ -
4 J

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