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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 57 (September 1946)

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Page 23

All newspapers in the US Zone have been
authorized, providing newsprint is available,
to put out extra editions when the Nurem-
berg trial verdicts are announced. These will
be the first "extras" to be authorized in the
US Zone.
American consulates in the US Zone have
been authorized by an OMGUS directive to
perform temporarily informal services on an
ad hoc basis on behalf of the Philippine Gov-
A revised allocation, effective 20 August,
increased the weekly coal tonnage from the
Ruhr for rail movement from 150,829 to
183,351 tons. There was a corresponding
decrease in tonnage allocated for movement
via inland waterways.
Eight times as many consumers in the
Zone now have gas service as in October
1945. The number of gas plants in operation
now are three and one-half times more than
last October and the production of gas is
five and one-half times greater.
The dismantling of three and one-half
plants approved as advance reparations to
the Soviet Union is being accelerated by the
use of displaced person as well as German
labor. The work is reported ahead of sched-
Two youth periodicals have been given
permission for increases in their circulation
in view of their value in the reeducation of
German youth. The circulation of "Horizont"
was increased from 50,000 to 150,000 and
of "Pinguin" from 50,000 to 250,000.
The Karlsruhe Technische Hochschule has
taken a five-year lease on the former Tele-
graphenkaserne in Karlsruhe, Wuerttemberg-
Baden. The work of repairing and remodel-
ing the buildings was begun in order to have
them ready for occupancy in November.
Persons having a bona fide interest in
conducting private searches for missing
American personnel or the bodies of Amer-
ican war dead are to receive maximum as-
sistance under a War Department direc-
tive. Unclassified information and data can
be funished these persons to aid in their
Gas generators have been installed on 383
US two and one-half ton trucks now operat-
ing in the German transport economy. The
gas-generator installations on these vehicles
have proved successful and a program is
being initiated to procure additional genera-
tors for this purpose.
Tire-producing firms in the US Zone re-
ceived sufficient buna from the other three
zones to increase tire production 65 percent
in July as compared with that of June.
Shortages of coal and labor have handicap-
ped the processing of available buna.
Approximately 900 teachers are to be
graduated next year from seven teachers
colleges in Wuerttemberg-Baden on comple-
tion of a special one-year course being con-
ducted to alleviate the need of teachers in
the Land. In Bavaria, 4,795 teacher-candi-
dates are being trained in sate and denom-
inational teacher training schools.
An International Youth Book Exposition
is being held in the Wurttemberg-Land Li-
brary in Stuttgart. More than 4,000 chil-
dren's book and drawings from 14 countries
are on display.
A reviewing board, consisting of licensees,
professional men and members of theatrical
and musical unions, is being set up in Stutt-
gart to screen applications for theatrical
and musical positions which do not require
The Bremen Board of Education in con-
junction with the Labor Office has put into
operation a plan under which 4,700 teachers
and pupils from Bremen schools are engaged
in clearing debris from the city during their
summer vacation.

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