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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 57 (September 1946)

[Highlights of policy],   pp. [4]-20 PDF (9.3 MB)

Page 15

Suggestions for standardization of tele-
phone message forms, use of hardwater
softeners, extension of shoe repair service,
and formation of a stenographic pool won
awards for four persons during August in
the OMGUJS Employee Suggestions and
Awards Program.
Morton D. Weiss of the Reports and Sta-
tistics Section, Economics Division, proposed
the "Standardization  of Phone' Message
Forms," which has been adopted by the Ad-
jutant General's Office, OMGUS. Pointing
out that small scraps of paper, sometimes
used in taking important messages, are liable
to be lost, Mr. Weiss suggested that a stand-
ard form for such messages be made out of
scrap paper and bound into pads. A Class IV
award of $25 was presented him by Lt. Col.
H. G. Jepson, acting chairman of the Em-
ployees Suggestions and Awards Committee.
"Repair of EM's and EW's civilian shoes"
was suggested by 1st Sgt. Maurice Lindskog
of the Adjutant's Section, Hq. Command,
OMGUS. He wrote that "All EM and EW
should be permitted the opportunity to have
their civilian shoes repaired; and the chance
to select either leather, rubber or composition
soles. The shoe repair shop would be con-
ducted on the same basis as the present shop
which handles repairs for officers and
Sgt. Lindskog's suggestion resulted in the
provision of additional facilities for the
repair of EM's and EW's civilian shoes, and
won for him a Class IV award of $25, the
equivalent of which is available in mer-
chandise from the PX or Gift Shop. Pres-
entation was made by Capt. E. M. Alrich,
commanding officer of Company A, Hq. De-
The suggestion "Use of hardwater soft-
eners to save waste of soaps, shampoos and
detergents" was made by Col. Vernum C.
Stevens, Executive Officer, Manpower Di-
vision. The presentation of a Class IV award
of $25 in merchandise from the PX was made
by Leo R. Werts, Director of the Manpower
Division. Action has been taken by the PX
Officer to requisition water softeners for sale
at the PX.
Colonel Stevens submitted his suggestion
as follows:
"Problem: Cleaning agents such as soap,
shampoo and detergents are wasted in home
uses. The residue left in wash water on
clothes causes many allergic people trouble;
it also coats and blocks the sewer system.
"Facts: German water sources contain
high quantities of calcium and magnesium
salts. The use of improper water softeners
on hard water soaps is often ineffective due
to variations in the salt content. The use of
coconut or copra soaps, shampoos or shaving
creams affects allergic individuals. The short
tenure of the users makes the purchase of
a good water softening system unfeasible.
"Solution: (1) Have water from different
areas sampled by the American University of
Berlin who will then publish a list of the
softeners and cleaners recommended for
each area. (2) Have sales stores and PX's
feature items listed as a result of the Uni-
versity study."
R. 0. Quill of the Finance Division, OM-
GUS, proposed "Formation of Stenographic
Pool," which won him a Class V award. A
letter of appreciation was sent him by Lt.
Gen. Lucius D. Clay. Deputy Military Gov-
ernor. The Personnel Office, OMGUS, said
when the arrival of stenographic personnel
from the United States is sufficiently
adequate, the system as described by Mr.
Quill will be put into practice.

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