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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 56 (August 1946)

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The Bavarian Regierungsbezirk, which
was formerly known 'as Mainfranken, has
been redesignated Unterfranken.
A monthly school publication "Diogenes"
made its initial appearance early this month
at the University of Heidelberg. Forty-eight
pages of fine print carried news of other
German universities, art criticism, essays on
literary and political subjects and book re-
A Uniform franking machine impression
for use by the German mail system throtgh-
out the US, British and Soviet Zones has
been given final quadripartite approval. A
similar impression, awaiting final quadripar-
tite action, has been selected for the French
Zone.    -
Two Rembrandt portraits and other pic-
tures belonging to the Austrian Roth-
schild family were included with 345 other
paintings returned to Austria in the custody
of USFA. A portrait of Luther by Cranach
and "Prometheus" by Rubens were returned
to the Netherlands. Eight carloads of ar-
chives stolen by the Nazis from scientific in-
stitutes and libraries were returned to the
Soviet Union.
For the maintenance of telephone lines in
the US Zone, 500 repeater tubes have been
released from US Army stocks for German
civilian use.,
Two thousand tons of ammunition are be-
ing moved to Allendorf for salvage of need-
ed chemicals. Forty tons of. smokeless powder
from  captured enemy. materials returned
from France were also released for this
To allow for local variations in the amount
of available electricity, the Economic Direct-
orate of the Allied Control Authority has
agreed that rationing of electricity will
be under the jursidiction of each zone com-
Four hundred tons of clover seed and 400
tons of alfalfa seed have arrived from France
for next year's crop.
The Bread ration for normal consumers
in the US Zone for the 92nd ration period
beginning 19 August was increased by about
one-third to offset decreases in fat, skim
milk and potato rations. Larger quantities
of cereals and corn are provided.
August coal allocations for all areas will
be carried over into September. It is plan-
ned that coal allocations for occupation
troops requirements, railroads and ports, iron
and steel plants, fishing fleet operations and
sugar beet processing will be completely de-
livered. If allocations are not met, coal will
be withheld from other consumers to the
extent necessary to meet this program.
Representatives of the Inter-Allied Repa-
rations Agency have been granted permission
to inspect equipment and records of plants
in the US Zone approved by the Coordinating
Committee for reparations.
Membership in recognized trade unions in
the US Zone, exclusive, of Berlin and Bre-
men, increased by 40,000 during July, to a
total of 791,000 on 1 August.
The first elections of works councils in
factories and offices in the US Zone took
place last week in Greater Hesse in accord-,
aace with Control Council Law No. 22. All
trade unions agreed in -advance that political
party affiliations of candidates were not to
appear on the ballots, nor were political par-
ties to present their own lists.
A "Kinderfest," sponsored by the 10th
Constabulary Regiment in Wuerttemberg-
Baden Sunday 11 August, was attended by
approximately 13,000 youth from Stuttgart
and more than 300 adults. The youth were
served 7,000 liters of milk, 30,000 doughnuts
and 6,000 candy bars, all contributed by
welfare agencies and the Constabulary unit.

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