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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 56 (August 1946)

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orandum No. 29, dated 16 April 1945.
It is also proper under German law   to
institute legal proceedings to sue for support
from the deserting husband or father.
Four-Zone Unity Needed
Col. James R. Newman, OMG Director for
Greater Hesse, disclosed that bimonthly
meetings with officials of Thuringia will
start within the next three weeks in Weimar,
capital of Thuringia. The meetings, which
will be attended by MG and German econ-
omics officials, are designed to open the
way for a free interchange of goods between
the two Laender.
Colonel Newman and Dr. Karl A. Geiler,
Minister President of Greater Hesse, have
recently returned to Wiesbaden from a visit
to Thuringia's military governor, Maj. Gen.
Kolesnitschonko, and Minister President
Rudolf Paul.
At a dinner in Weimar, Dr. Paul declared,
"It is of the greatest importance that all four
zones of Germany be economically unified."
The speech, Colonel Newman disclosed, was
well received by General Kolesnitschenko.
Dr. Geiler, said, "Our trip, undertaken
with cultural as well as economic ends in
view, had a very impressive result. While
we spoke about the types of goods to be con-
sidered for exchange, one cardinal point
marked the discussions of Colonel Newman,
General Kolesnitschenko, Dr. Paul and my-
self - the urgent need for unifying all the
four zones of Germany."
Air Mail Service
Quadripartite approval has been granted
for the establishment of one-way air mail
servi e from the United Statesg and United
Kingdom to Germany. Actual inauguration
of this service is pending completion of
negotiations for transportation and other
necessary arrangements by the countries
The last air mail shipments from  the
United Kingdom arrived in Germany during
August 1939, shortly prior to the beginning
of hostilities. Air mail from the US continued
to reach Germany via Portugal and Spain
until late in 1941.
The one-way parcel post service for gift
relief parcels from the United States to the
US Zone which became effective on 1 June
has been extended to include the British
Zone of Germany. This service does not
apply to Berlin.
Swabian Transfer Halted
Lack of housing facilities and extensive
war damage have caused OMGUS to suspend
temporarily further transfer of Swabians
from Hungary to the US Zone. Approximately
200,000 are still waiting transfer from Hun-
gary, and 120,000 have already been moved.
MG authorities and the Hungarian Gov-
ernment are negotiating an arrangement to
assure all Swabian expellees minimum
essentials until they are resettled. The trans-
fer of Germans from neighboring countries
is in accordance with an agreement reached
at the Potsdam conference, but at present
the US Zone is unable to maintain the stand-
ards necessary to receive and care for such
large numbers.
British    Zone     Activities
A supplementary ration card, equivalent
to 200 calories daily, is being furnished
during the 92nd ration period to all con-
sumers over six years of age in specified
towns of the British Zone to make up for the
lack of fresh vegetables and fruits which
are available to those living in the country
and in small country towns. The card allows
each holder for the period, bread or naehr-
mittel equivalent to 1,600 grams; fats, 140
grams; and meat, 400 grams. This will
permit the normal consumer qualifying for
the extra ration, to receive rationed food
amounting to 1,337 calories.
More than 13,500 tons of grain were
gathered during the first weeks of the cur-
rent harvest in the British Zone. This was
considerably more than had been predicted.
Rudolf Blomberg, heir to a large Wupper-
tal textile firm, was sentenced to three

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