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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 56 (August 1946)

[Highlights of policy],   pp. [4]-[17] PDF (8.0 MB)

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more than fine words on paper, must be-
translated into action year after year. He
knows that this is not easy, for the path of
his own nation's seeking of dignity for all
men has not been easy.
Conscious of his responsibilities in a world
drawn tightly together within the span of
half a century, he feels that the President
was truly the representative of his people
when he said in his Victory Day procla-
"And I call upon people of the United
States to observe Victory Day as a day of
solemn commemoration of the devotion of
men and women by whose efforts that cause
of justice, freedom, peace and international
good-will shall be advanced with undimmed
and unremitting  efforts. inspired by the
valor of our heroes of the armed forces.
"Although victorious in arms, we must
not relax -our determination or diminish our
efforts. for attainment of the final goal-
establishment: of a just and lasting peace."
CENTRAL GERMAN         AGENCIES 0 (Continued from page 13)
Berlin office. The Berlin office should also
be entitled to issue certain directives for the
composition and selection of their personnel.
Regional liaison of the department may be
useful at the main ports of entry and exit
and -certain centers of collection. Detailed
proposals on the assignment of competences
should be requested from German authorities.
The State Secretary will be appointed by
the Allied Control Authority. Other top
officials would be subject to the approval
of the Export-Import Bureau. It is estimated
that the total staff initially required would
approximate 350 employees.
No present plans have been formulated
as to location of the headquarters, office
space required, or technical equipment. This
is a matter for further study. Such a study
by specialists for, all central departments
together would be most productive.
The payroll of the German Central Ad-
ministrative Department for Exports and
Imports for a' twelve-month period would
probably amount to approximately RM
2,000,000. Installation and operating ,ex-
penses for the same period are estimated to,
amount to approximately RM -1,250,000..
These estimates were arrived at as follows:
The budget of the former German Ministry
of Economics (Reichswirtschaftsministerium)
for the year 1942 was studied. The functions
performed by' the Division   for Foreign
Trade of the Ministry, Division III, were
compared to the functions of the prospective
German Central Administrative Department
for Exports and Imports. The functions
covering foreign exchange of the Foreign
Trade Division of the former German Minis-
try of Economy and a number of minor
functions were eliminated as not pertaining
to the field of competence of the prospective
German Central Administrative Department
for Exports and Imports.  Certain  minor
functions such as liaison with the Allied
Control Authority and liaison with the other
German central administrative departments
provided for in the Berlin Protocol were
additionally taken into account. A general
reduction in the 'volume of activity by at
least one-half was allowed for.
It is recommended that the expenses of the
department be paid out, of general revenues
to- be made available to the central depart-
ments. It is quite true that the Department
for Foreign Trade could itself produce rev-
enue, e. g., from licenses, but it is believed
better to. include this in the, revenue ac-
cruing to the Central Cashier and not to
earmark it for special use. No current assets
available to the department are known.

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