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Military government weekly information bulletin
Number 56 (August 1946)

[Highlights of policy],   pp. [4]-[17] PDF (8.0 MB)

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broad review  of policy matters.   It; is
assumed that the authority to authorize
contracts, to review prices, and to review
licensing will not be assigned for some
time to the Central German Depart-
ment. Meanwhile the Allied Export-Import
Bureau would perform them. Routine
matters which fall within the frame of
delegated powers will be reported -to the
Allied Bureau at certain stated intervals.
The Allied Bureau will, in turn, decide most
other issues brought to it by the German
Central Agency. Only matters of highest
policy nature will be referred by the Allied
Bureau to the Control Council through the
Coordinating Committee for specific decision.
The 'German Central Administrative De-
partment for Export and Import will 'be
headed by a State 'Secretary who will be
responsible to the Allie'd Control' Authority
and participate in the Council  of  State
Secretaries, if 'such be permitted. He will
be responsible for the activities of his De-
partment, 'and activities of the Laender and
Provincial governments over which he may
be granted executive authority. Under the
State Secretary there will be three Divi-
sions: Planning  and  Research  Division,
which would assume the informational and
advisory functions; Operational and Control
Division,  which  would    undertake  the
operational functions, and Personnel and
Liaison Division, charged with internal ad-
ministrative \ matters and general liaison
with the Allied Control Authority and' the
German authorities. It is expected that the
divisions would be subdivided according to
groups of countries and industries, but this
organization of it would be left to the re-
commendation or decision of the German
authorities. In the field of foreign trade,
at least for the present occupational period
until Germany becomes self-supporting, a
considerable degree of centralization of
control is necessary and desirable.
While matters of policy should be taken
up with the Land ministers of economics
and their counterparts in the provinces, for
technical routine matters the Export-Import
Sectio'ns of the Land governments should be
made the executive organs -of the German
Central Administrative Department for Ex-
port and Imports. They should carry 'out
their' functions under instructions from the
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