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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 42 (May 1946)

Press comments,   pp. 15-18 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 18

howler said, arguing that "the ever multi-
plying complexities of the world's econ-
iomy increase the probability that any
-war of the future will eventually 'extend
to global proportions.
Why doles peace seem 'less near, far
less certain today than after V-E day a
year ago? Editorialists are ponderingthis
question; much comment leads to the
conclusion drawn by   Anne    O'Hare
McCormack of The New York Times that
"fear is the brake slowing up the natural
forces of reconstruction." A year's vacu-
um and false starts toward peace, she
writes, have, increased disillusionment
and prpmoted talk of another war - a
stabe of mind which Walter Lippman
stressed as quite prevalent. McCormack
concludes that the main reason for lack
'of accomplishment at Paris is that a
foundation no longer 'exists for "the old
structure" which she thinks the Foreign
Ministers are trying to superimpose.
(Cointinued from page 9)
Zone. The Senior Directorate is a tem-
porary organization and will cease to func-
tion upon formation of central admin-
istrative machinery for overall supervi-
sion and control of Reichsplost facilities
in all zones of occupation.
The new Directorate is headed by a
President (Chefpresident) and orga-
nized into five operating divisions:
Posts, Telecommunications, Organization
and Personnel, Administration and Fin-
ance, and Building and Transportation.
In general, it is the responsibility of the
Senior Directorate to issue orders rela-
tive to common operating practices and
procedures, issue and adminster uniform
regulations, carry out the denazification
program in accordance with Military Gov-
ernment directives, and allocate postal
and telecommunications facilities.
Prior approval by MG is required for
Senior Directorate proposals concerning
such major policy matters as interzonal
and international services, annual re-
quiriements for critical materials and
equipment, the 'establishment of budgets,
changes in rates, the appointment or dis-
missal of officials in the grade of Prlesi-
dent, Vice-President or Abteilungsprae-
sident, changes in the design of postage
stamps, new installation, renewal, exten-
sion or removal of 'equipment exceeding
RM 20,000 in overall value, and all -mat-
ters concerning research, development or
advancement oi the art of German civil

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