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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 41 (May 1946)

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Page 15

88th riaftio  period ending 28 April and
the 89th oiA 25 Maly. To ensure a more
complete responIse, civilans may obtain
new ration cards only by -showing stamn-
pied receipts as evidenge of compliance
with the registration requirements of the
aew   denazification  law. Furthermore,
new ior continued employment is not
permitted after 15 May uniless the reg-
istration receipt is produced to the em-
Preliminary 'estimates indicate that ap-
proximately 12,000,000 persons in the
three Laienider will be registered. Figures
are naot avaiilable to show the number or
percentage 'of persons who have regis-
tered so far,anditislikely that sometime
may pass after the deadline before totals
from eia~ch of the registration offices scalt-
tered thrboughout the American. Zone can
be oonsolidated into a Zo~nlewide total.
- The new   denazification law  requires
registration by all- civilians who were
iover 18 when the law 'became effective
lon, 5 March 1946, who ,live, work or own
property in'the American Zone. Exempt
from registering are members of Allied
forces, nationals of United Nations serv-
ing with the US Forces, iand foreigners
tand stateless plersons tnder the care of
UNRRA for the duration of such carie.
While MG realizes that some persons
who would be subject to prosecution
under the new law will se~ek to avoid
registering by fleeing from the Amierican
Zon'e, the law provides, for the absentee
prosecution 'of defendants, .and the talking
of their property into protective custody.
(Cont'nuied from page 12)
latter, which presents more complexpro-
"In .addition to the foregoing, there
will be many instances where specific
restitution will not adequately indemnify
a person for losses suffered a.s.a result
of Nazi activity. In ord-er to meet this
situation it is requested that considera-
tion be given to a program for the partial
satisfication of claims by an interim a-
ward for the economic rehabilitation of
those destitute as a result of Nazi per-
secution. The award should be an em-
ergency measure only, and without pre-
judioe to possible further recovery. A
limit should be placed upon the amount
which ton-,e is permitted to recover. It
may be assumed that sufficient of the
property confiscated under the laws men-
tir'n0ed above will be- made available to
th.e Laender to enable them to makethe
necessary awards. Any plan recommend-
ed should consider the use of existing
judicial machinery in the several Laender
,and the desirability of using specially
donstitutbed tribunals for the purpose."
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