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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 37 (April 1946)

German reactions,   pp. 11-12 PDF (775.5 KB)

Page 12

1000 Germans were asked:
market is responsible for their inability
to purchase things which were formerly
Men, apparently better informed on
such  matters, realize  the  economic
implications of black market more often
than women. Although better educated
people were more likely to realize general
economic implications 'than less well-
educated ones, they are less apt to hold
that present shortages are caused by
black   marketing.  "Better  educated
people," the report adds, "know more
about technical economic relationships,
but they also are more apt to realize
that present shortages are primarily a,
product of the   economic  dislocation
caused by the war."
A vote of confidence in the authorities
was given by 60 percent of the public
who feel that everything possible is being
done to put an end to black-marketing.
However, one in seven (14 percent) deny
'this and urge more drastic   control
measures: Severer punishment for black
market operations and more careful
surveillance of farmers. The integrity of
the police themselves is questioned on
the grounds that big operations can be
carried 'out only with their complicity.
1. Do you believe a black market exists in this
2. Do you believe that black markets exercise
an important influence on economic con-
3. Do youbelievethatblack markets arerespon-
sible for the fact that you cannot buy as
many things as you used to, buy?
4. In your opinion, are the authorities doing
everything possible to remove the black
markets.?  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .  .
. .

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