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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 35 (April 1946)

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APO's which serve the military com-
munity in which they are stationed, ac-
cording to Circular 32 issued by USFET
on 11 March. They will receive their mail
in care of the individuals whom they
joined in the ETO, through the same
army facilities which serve those indi-
viduals. They will not be allowed to use
the free mailing privilege which is grant-
ed to military personnel, however.
Before leaving home, all dependents
should advise correspondents and pub-
lishers of their mailing addresses, which
will be the same as those of the per-
sonnel in ETO whose dependent they awre.
Both names must be includes in
the address. Dependents will also be
allowed to use all facilities of the
APO's or money order units for outgoing
mail. If the number of dependents in any
given community is so large that it will
strain existing facilities, additional per-
sonnel will be assigned to those units
to enable them to maintain efficient ser-
vice, thus providing adequate postal fa-
cilities for all American personnel in the
Rewards For Safe Driving
In order to make the Theater Safety
Program as effective as possible, recent
USFET instructions call the attention of
all units to the rewards for safe driving
provided by War Department Circular
248, dated 28 July 1942.
This circular authorizes a basic-badge
for safe driving with a bar to show each
type of vehicle operated by the recipients
of the award.
In order to qualify for the award, an
individual must have passed the standard
aptitude and driver's qualification tests.
He must also have served as a driver or
assistant driver for three months without
traffic violations or accidents and with
a rating of excellent, and must not have
had a similar award revoked for cause
during the previous six months.
Unit saifety officers are required to sub-
mit periodic reports 0on the presentation
of this award and the effect it has ion
the accident rate. Ia addition, safety di-
rectors of the major commands are re-
quired to forward copies of all bulletins,
directives, and publicity items published
within their commands. These measures
are intended to provide additional in-
1ducements in carrying out the safety
Army Food Conservation
Because of the current world food
shortage, the Army will take special
measures to conserve as much food as
possible, according to recent USFET in-
structions. Minimumconsumption of food
in Army messes is to be achieved through
adequate supervision and efficient re-
quisitioning and handling of rations in all
Instructions son the Food Conversation
Program were issued to implement a
War Department letter dated 7 March
1946. This letter pointed out that people
in many areas are in danger of starvation
unless; they receive more food; and calls
attention to the important effect the
Army, as the largest single US consumer
of food, will have on the situation by
using food with maximum efficiency.
The   best   possible  supervision  of
messes, as well as operation of these in-
stallations by trained personnel and the
adjustment of- master menus to local con-
sumption levels is required. In calling
the attention of subordinate commanders
to this letter, the Theater Commander
directed that aggressive action be taken
to correct all deficiencies in present ope-
ration of unit messes.
Civilian Travel
Germans desiring to go from the US
Zone to Berlin may do so only under
official US travel orders, it has just been
learned  from  Public  Safety  Branch,
OMGUS. They are permitted to use only
trains operated by the American authori-
ties, and may not leave the train enroute.

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