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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 35 (April 1946)

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under Law No. 52, then any and all
property acquired by him subsequent to
the date he came within its provisions,
as well as the property owned on such
date, is subject to all the terms and
provisions of the law in the same manner
as though it had been in his possession
at the time of the original blocking by
Military Government. The property can
only be used by 'the owner when per-
mitted by Military Government.
The speculative questions raised in
your paragraph 6 are based upon the
premise that the situations raised in the
preceding paragraphs of your letter are
correctly stated. In view of the explana-
tions contained in the foregoing para--
graphs of this letter, it should be clear
that the conditions referred to do not
enable a blocked owner to take advan-
tage of loopholes and circumvention of
Military Government Law No. 52.
The fundamental fallacy in the premises
of the views started in your letter is that
Law No. 52 is operative as to property-
owned on the date it first became appli-
cable to a given person or situation. This
is not the case. The declaration of Article
I, and consequently the impact of the
whole law, are continuous, so that any
property at any time owned by a blocked
person from the effective date of the
law into the indefinite future is fully
subject to its provisions. If the ad-
ministration of the law by our detachment
has not been in accordance with this
interpretation, you should take immediate
steps to give full effect to it.
Dependents Applications
Now Total 1646
The latest figures tabulated at Head-
quarters,. US Forces, European Theater
on dependents of US military and civil-
ian personnel show. a total of 1646 ap-
plications, 1553 officer and 93 enlisted.
Total number of dependents indicated
is 2967 of whom 1740 are adults, 607 are
children in the up to four years age
group, 452 children in the 5 to 11 age
group, 97 are children between 12 and
14 years old, and 71 are children from
15 to 17 years of age.
Total of officers dependents is 2825,
EM, 142.
The 1646 applications ask for a total
of 1715 individuals, 1620 officer and 95
EM dependents, to be brought in April,
with totals 'of individuals for May 462,
June 469, July 239, August 64, September
17 land none for the months of October,
November, and December 1946. One of-
ficer has asked that his dependents be
moved in January of 1947..
Riequests for the shipment .,of auto-
mobiles is officers 774 and enlisted men 13.
The total. of dependents called for in
'the applications forwarded is 1169, 1124
officer and 45 enlisted.
Shipment of 314 automobiles, 311 of-
ficer and 3 EM, were requested on the
applications forwarded.
Larger Pa&ages
The size of packages which may be
sent from the United States to US per-
sonInel overseas has been increased by
War Department Circular 58, dated 28
February 1946. This circular raises the
weight limit to' 22 pounds and increases
the maximum size to 48 inches in length
or 72 inches in length and girth com-
bined. Only one package a week may be
sent by any one person to the same in-
dividual overseas, and packages may be
mailed only at the request of the addres-
see. The circular prohibits the dispatch
of perishable matter and discourages ship-
ment of fragile items.
Dependents Will Use APO's
D~ependents of military personnel and
US civilians will be allowed to use the

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