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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 23 (January 1946)

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Military District will be advised approxi-
mately two weeks before readiness date.
Box Cars - With Heat
Those cozy little "40 and 8's" and other
rolling stock used to move troops, dis-
placed persons, refugees, and prisoners
,of war, into, through, and out -of any
of the territories occupied by U. S. Forces
in Europe, will be heated during the
severe winter months, according to a
recent cable from USFET.
The district in which the movement
originates will install the stoves. All the
supplies needed for the installation, such
as the stoves, wire, and nails, (and don't
forget the sand box to sit the stove on)
can be obtained through regular supply
channels, TSFET-Main. The coal for each
rail movement will be supplied by the
agency dispatching the - movement.
If no persons are to be moved in the
cars on the return trip, then remove all
the stoves and store them in a sealed car
for the return journey.
Red Cross Parcels
Each American citizen and British sub-
ject who is awaiting repatriation, and
who is living in any of the occupied zones
but is not in a DP assembly center,
will immediately start receiving the con-
tents of two Red Cross parcels; each
month, according to a recent directive
from USFET.
Only the contents of the packages will
be given and where possible the Red
Cross markings on these contents will
be 'obliterated before distributing them.
The outside containers iof the parcelswill
be destroyed by burning at the camp
where the parcels are unpacked.
The persons who claim to be entitled
to the parcels will have to show docu-
mentary evidence of their citizenship,
satisfactory to the Commanding Officer
or Director of the assIembly center mak-
ing the distribution, before they get their
The directive also points out that the
contents of the parcels should be given
to persons in accordance to their needs.
For example, cigarettes should be remov-
ed from the parcels being given to
Lo&k it up!
If you are in possession of classified
information take the necessary security
measures required to safeguard it. Re-
ports have come in which indicate that
in some quarters security measures have
been relaxed to the extent that docu-
ments, classified Secret and Confidential,
have been left accessible to  cleaning
women and other unauthorized personnel.
True, the war is over and the actual
combat has ceased. But there are still
many Allied programs and plans which
can be wrecked if the information finds
its way into the proper channels. Re-
member, classified information is still
classified for a purpose, so take the proper
security measures to keep it out of un-
authorized persons hands.
Wehrmacht Properly Record
A recent hew directive, Use of Wehr-
macht Property Under Law No. 54, (AG
010.6 GEC-AGO), dated 27 December
1945, gives further instructions concern-
ing the use of property formerly owned
by the German Armed Forces.
The directive orders the establishment
of a permanent record of this property.
Reports are to be submitted by 15 Jan-
uary 1946 to USFET Headquarters, by
the Minister Presidents of the Linder in
the Zone. These reports will, in effect,
constitute ia historical record of the na-
ture of the property and the uses to
which it has been put. They will conse-
quently be of help in determining what
profitable future use can be made of
the property.

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