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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 17 (November 1945)

German reactions,   pp. 12-14 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 14

"Who today appreciates our sol-
diers, and particularly our wounded?
If your precious time permits, take a
walk some day to the Kassel station
and you will see what I mean. There
you will find German girls sitting on
the laps of American Negroes. They
smoke cigarettes and chew gum. And
then ask any good American what he
thinks about that... When a couple
,of our poor soldiers arrive, all their
belongings on their back, perhaps
missing an arm or leg, then these
women can scarcely spare them a
"You recently published an article
condemning the smuggling of men over
the zone boundary. Can't you under-'
stand that a Thuringian soldier, re-
cently freed from a prison camp in
the West, longs to return to his f a-
You talk about reparations as
if only Germany were responsible for
the war....
"I know you will not publish my list
of grievances in your paper. I didn't
expect it."
In commenting on the above epistle,
the editors of the paper admit that
many so-called anti-social elements
were sent to concentration camps, but
point out that even as such they still
should have been given righteous
judgment rather than the kind meted
out by the nazis.
The second paragraph is answered
with a revealing question: "Who was
responsible for the upbringing of Ger-
man girls during the nazi epoch?What
you object to in their conduct now is
partly the fruit of the wilful destruction
.of the family spirit and up-rooting of
all normal educational factors. Besides,
what you object to as being wrong,
may not be wrong except in your

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