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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 17 (November 1945)

German reactions,   pp. 12-14 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 13

"The majority of the German people
had nothing to do with the atrocities
in the Concentration Camps. If the
treatment of the political prisoners was
really as horrible as we are told then
one may well be surprised at how a
person could survive such a treatment
for ten or twelve years and return as
healthy and strong as they do. Nobody
has a word to say about the present
inhuman treatment of the German pri-
soners of war in the Concentration and
PW camps.
"Have you noticed, you 'white raven',
that under the malicious Jewish thirst
for revenge they [the Allies] want to
ruin completely the German people,
their administration, and their eco-
nomy? They pretend to eradicate the
party, but in reality they mean the
German people. Who has the right
to protest against that foreign ab-
surdity that freedom of press and
opinion and legal conditions are to
prevail in Germany? What a joke !
The propaganda in which you share
is more mendacious and more one-
sided than it was before. Why are
the authors of the Treaty of Ver-
sailles not stamped among the first
war criminals? A just peace should
have made nazism impossible. Has a
people not the right to defend itself
against impossible boundaries? Andis
not greater injustice being added to
the old ones?"
Opinion of the type iexpre~ssed above
is recognized for what it is - nazi
propaganda - by a sincere anti~nazi
who makes several interesting remarks
concerning it:
"It should not be unknown to you
that the nazis stick together like burs.
They are manufacturing propaganda
in the form  of rumors which are
disseminated mainly by women.
"Just join 'incognito' a queue be-
fore any shop. There you will hear
such things as, for example, that Ge-
neral Eisenhower had announced in
his proclamation that he came as a
liberator, and now they are treating
us in such a manner that we are long-
ing for Hitler with all our hearts,
who promised us last winter that no-
body has to freeze and nobody has
to starve. (By the way, I was totally
bombed out and received 4 Ztr. of
coal and 2 Ztr. of firewood for two
persons.)  Other political lies are
spread, too, and the majority of the
people, who are afraid of the winter,
believe in them. The wives ;of the
nazis and, of course, also those of
the Frauenschaft, should wear special
badges in order that people may know
immediately that all that is irrespon-
sible nazi propaganda. Furthermore,
people should be reminded every day
,over the radio and in the newspapers
to whom and to what they owe the
present misery.
"Need and hunger paralyze the
judgment of so many people and make
them susceptible to well-elaborated
nazi propaganda; something should be
done about it."
In an anonymous letter published
in the Hessische Nachrichten, a self-
styled anti-nazi makes the following
"The biggest part!of your colleagues
on the newspaper were certainly for-
mer inmates of a concentration camp.
I can   understand  your bitterness
against the fallen regime, although I
do not believe everything you say
about it. The fact that a person used
to be in a concentration camp does
not mean that he understands any-
thing about administration. You cer-
tainly must know that the majority of
those sent to the camps were anti-
social individuals and only a very
small number were martyrs of their

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