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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 17 (November 1945)

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for all box cars to be heated effec-
tive November 16th. TSFET Main is
responsible for supplying stoves, flues
and other equipment for installation in
such cars, and the Polish Government
will furnish the coal.
Forest Cut Set at 150%/o
Regional detachments have been di-
rected by USFET to notify German re-
gional forestry officers that the annual
cut for the forestry year 1945-1946 is
tentatively set at 150 per cent of the
annual forestry growth.
U. S. Businessmen Coming
Policy has been established for the
admission of a limited number of United
States businessmen into Germany, sub-
ject to specific procedures and limi-
tations imposed by the State and War
Departments and USFET.
For the present, not more than 100
businessmen will be admitted in any
one month. It is expected they will,
travel individually or in small groups
and that only a relatively small number
will be in any locality at a given time.
Offices of Military Government at Mi-
litary Districts and lower echelons
have been notified by USFET that
they will furnish specified facilities and
services to such businessmen in the
field. Use will be made, wherever pos-
sible, of German vehicles, clerical as-
sistance, drivers and similar facilities
and personnel, for which businessmen
will be expected to pay the normal
commercial rate direct to German
agencies or individuals.
Adaptation of Gas Producers
German authorities responsible for
highway transport have been instruc-
ted to! secure all producer Igas equipmentl
available and in working order, whether
new or already used.
If the adaptation of this equipment
is possible, it is to be used on motor
trucks, tractors, passenger busses and
automobiles. With the view to re-
ducing the imports of liquid motor
fuels for German civilian needs, USFET
has directed that every measure will
be taken to carry out the conversion
of vehicles consuming liquid fuels into
vehicles which can use solid fuels.
Welfare Officers To Meet
A meeting of Military Government
public welfare officers will held at
USFET Headquarters Friday and Sa-
turday, November 30th and December
1st .
Not Mandatory Removals
Persons who have been Blockwalter
or lower in the NS Volkswohlfahrt
(NSV) or Blockwart or lower in the
Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) are not to
be interpreted as officials of such or-
ganizations and subject to mandatory
removal. Instead, they are to beclassed
in the discretionary removal category.
The term official as applied to other
NS organizations, however, shall con-
tinue to include all persons whose func-
tions or responsibilities in the or-
ganization entailed any duty or au-
thority beyond that of an ordinary

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