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Military government weekly information bulletin
No. 17 (November 1945)

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Page 10

S5fafus of lepafriates
Who Wed Germans
The Netherlands Government is now
refusing to repatriate any Netherlands
subject who, after May 9, 1940, married
a German or Austrian woman in Ger-
many ;or any other country occupied
by the Germans, Military Government
detachments were informed by USFET
Such persons can, however, send
written application to the Netherlands
Minister of Justice to legalize their
marriage and to be admitted to the
Any Netherlands national who has
married a woman of other than Ger-
man, Austrian or Netherlands na-
tionality after May 9, 1940 in Ger-
many or any other country occupied
by the Germans will be admitted tem-
porarily to the Netherlands to show
proof of marriage. If admitted for this
latter purpose, he will be permitted
to leave the country if he so desires.
The loss of Yugoslav nationality,
in accordance with a law enacted in
that country August 23rd of this year,
has been outlined to USFET by the
Chief Yugoslav Liaison Officer.
Nationality will be lost by the
following categories of persons, who
have refused to return to their home-
land during the mass repatriation pro-
gram, if they fail to declare their
readiness to be repatriated prior to
December 15th, 1945: Officers and
non-commissioned officers of the for-
mer Yugoslav Army, prisoners of war
and internees; and members of mili-
tary formations who fought against the
Yugoslav Liberation Army and left
Yugoslavia either with the withdrawing
enemy or before that time.
Property Control Clarified
The property of persons removed
from office or designated as hostile to
Allied purposes need not initially be
taken into control (custody) by Mili-
tary Government Property Control, it
has been announced by PSFET.
But the local Military Government
Officer may, if he deems it advisable,,
take such property into control. and
appoint a temporary custodian at the
time any such person is removed or
designated as hostile.
If property is taken into control or
retained in control under orders from
Military District Headquarters, it will
be operated by a custodian to be ap-
pointed by Military Government. The
BUrgermeister or other appropriate lo-
cal authority should be required to
suggest the individuals by whom the
property shall be operated.
To Heat DP Box Cars
The Polish repatriation movement will
continue during the cold weather, and
an order has been issued from USFET
Netherlands Nationals Marrying
German or Austrian women after
May 9th, 1940 must have marriage
legalized by Minister of Justice before
being readmitted.

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