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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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Page 11

The trada union press as much as the g9neral daily press should be aimd
averalge reader. It should bt his press.. Everything should be sub-
iriated to interestirnlg hi:m1 - to catching his eye -and holc.lin- it with
easing typographical .'devices. News and co nt should be given to hii-
6imI)lo languuage so that he. will know nd understand what is happening in
-The reader is a more important follow by far th    the editor - if only
ause there ara so many of thu reuuders. It is for the readler that the
editor works; it is he who.m th  editor serves.
011 :-How iLaportant af ellow the rear  is, is bcttsr understool by the
g!pgers of the ;issociated .tress, 'the wxorldIs largest news agency, than
pAost of us. *P hirerl a!lnnguafu expert, Dr. Rudolph Flesch, to conl'duct
study for one year on how L@ writers and editors should make- their news
ses easier anml iore interestin., to read. Such concera for the aver7ra_!,e
Jer, can well Lba eoaulate. by the tra,.d union e.ditors.
A -  In invitin,; the editors of the trede union publications of the U.S.
tone to meet with ie at Stutt-.-art, I ;vas hopeful that this would' bc followed
Ofuture m.,eetings, Such  aeetings would be fruit;ful, I belAeve. in th:3
4lange of information anl ideas and.. in providing mutual iaspiratioa-to
ditors. I urged the elitors to hold7 such m.eeetings.
B -  I urged the editors to associate tha.selves into an org7anization
hich woulcl do the followin, s
~,-   1 -  ~Regularly exchange news m-on~r th.2 trale union papers
'D  2 - Dissem.inate ir portant union news to th_ ,,eneral press
3 - Dispatch periodic articles about Gmra.any to the ;.mecrian
labor press through such ang:enMcies as Labor Press issociates,
viashiiatonj 'nd the U.S. DLpartmont of Labor... These
articles should be prepar:'. in Zrng1ish
4 - Receiv_ anI listribute  1aerican labor press materi-l to
the German union papers. These articles should be pro-
pared in Germnn.
, -  I rceooziended that the trade union federations 1n the U.S. Zone
Wire into the possibilities of trainin..g., journalists to serve the trade
nion Liovemant, or training unionists in journalism. "Die A.'ben-9zaitung"'
£rich was set up as a laboratory school of journalism and it probably
3Operate with the unions, if they dusired, in a journalism training plar.

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