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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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Page 9

two other evening papurs (..;orgon-Tidniugen, organ of tho Social-Defaocratic
.party which is tho counterpart of 44Xtoatidning-nf sells 75,000 aopies
aa4ch day in corpetition ;ith eight other morning papers).
Liko th'j D-aily :4'irror't 'aftontidningen" is vorsatiia in the use
typoraphicial devices. iBilt it js a' largcr paper, runtiin  to 14 6ae 16
pages compared to the lviirroil aeight. Jewsprint is also rationed in Sweden.
but the total pap:r requireaments for Swadea!s small. population are
relatively small. ;4aobations to uowspaper publishers are thus larger than
in other Eui~opean cowutri6s.
"*.'tontidningan'sM opinions on issues of the day, iade up usually
of one mqin editorial and two or three short coments, takes up all together
slightly mr~') than a half page. The editorials ramularly appear on page.two.
The rest 6f the page and page three are davoted to articles of philo-
sophical and political charactar. The rast of the pa~gs ara filled with news
.stories and entbrtainmentt
headlines'of news'stories are dyntnxic with voi'bs, in the .inerican
manner. Usually they tell thQ'substaace of the story. This contrasts with
the static label or interroeati7e headliae commoaly used in 3rman naws-5
".ftontidningan" is determined to satisfy~ the nlatiral ;nornal
iatQrasts of the ordinary, 'normal peaplav who are its customers. This is
shown id the acount and variaty of entertainmet-t mmterial in each issue.
Considerable spaco is given to sports. There is a page of comic strips.
There are palges of. nae's and discussion of movies, ra, radios if humor,
cartoons, small talk and gossip.
Photographt appuar on m=st of the pagaes, ranging fr i4 half -colwmn;
pictures to tull-paqg, laVouts.
Obvi~usly no comzparison a an fairly b3 mado bAtweeji the daily news-
papers of Sweadn, ifngland or the United States ana the trade union press
of GCkm~an~n. The purpose of my descriptions oi? some of-the papers, par-
ticularly 2ftontidniageon, is to ,uggst somre techniques and methods of
jcurrnalism that ark worthy of consideration by the trade union editors -
techniques and methods that will be perhaps mora applicable to the ex-
panded trade union press of the near future than to that of today,

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