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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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the style of the '.,'3st'eutsche ' lgemeine%. Th3 editors believe this is
clear by letters from the readers and by sales of the paper, which amount
to 300,000 in the Ruhr valley.
T;xo unusually attractive nl..-spapars -which I ;.ish to bring to the
attention of the trade- union editors are the "Daily .viirror"
of London and
" .'tontidningeno" of' 8tockholm.
Tho "Daily fImirror" is a strikin.^ oxra~ruple of' typo.>raphical
to achieve a ila-imiwa of eye-catchin,, appeal and legibility. This British
paper is rather than an Âħrrxrrican pubtilication as an exaple
of what
can be done with type fnCes and placement of i 3adlines and articles because
it is like the German papers in being limnit-d in newsprint. .n this respect
the paper faces the same probleca as othtr British as well as Suropean
newspapers. The- 'l/irror" publishes regularly a tabloid size paper
of eight  ,i
.. orth observin. In the ".irror" are the followinz, typog'aphical
tachniquos                                .
Scrupulous efforts are ,nad, to avoil plaoina headlines adjacent to
each other, and -wBhetl this is unavoidable sharjlly contrastin, type-faces
--9.4 cl4 "l"i1 V516Wi UULIo, 1nt-iaca versus bold race. The resu
is that oach in3ividual news story or article, no matter hoJ small, is p
Ilittud to stand out in clear view anil Zmaka its own bid for the reader's
Devices in body type used to attract attention and to increase
legibility include_ the following:
1 - Use of two-line boll face initial lettvrs in iany, but not
all stories
2 - Varyin,. typa sizes
3 -  Varyint, typoV faces, viz., re'!uler, bold, italic, all capitals
4 - Varying column widths
5 - Undorlinina   ;0ords and s953lntences
6 - Subheads, bold and undjrlined
IProfue use is .nade of illustrations; thesv include small line draw.
and cartoons as wiell as photographs. Thve basia column is narrow, only ha
the width of t'ie usual Germana naewspaper columw and thrve-fourths that
U.S, coluam. The news stories are short, concise. '& device consisting
a b6ld face circle enclosinuf a larvo dot at the loft of a black line
indicates breaks to followinr pa,;es. (-nerous but judicious use of white
space is used. through-out. This, coiabina  with oth.,r techniques, prodtuce
clean-lookin- pags.
"Aftontidningena" of Stockholm is, in my Dpinion, the best labor
in the world, considered on tho basis of quality and not size. It is the
of Leadesorganisationen, the Seedish national tra e union federation, an
a cireulation of 100,000 eopie~s sold daily in coulptition with Stockholm

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