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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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The most striking procluct of trade union publication ib Germany is the
monthly youth magazine, "'Aufwaerts", which was started let1 June
by the Trade
Union Federation of the British Zone. .* rotogravure job, it features photo-
graphic covers and is well illustrated. It has a circulation of 200,000.
The extraordinary effort of "-xfw-aerts" to attract an'. to pleasc
the reader
is motivated by the idea that it is vitally important to e ucate the young,
people who grew up during the Nazi regime and learnQd nothing about free
lmocratic institutions. This idea is undeniably correct, but the suggestion
submitted here that it is equally valid -with respect to the education of
union members in general and some of the saame concern for attracting their
attention as readers might well be demoastrated by the regular trade union
The trade union papers refleact somewhat the characteristics of the general
press. This is true with respect to thrii relative lack of interest in typo-
graphical techniques and in the selection an. mannor of presenting reading
Th re are amongr thQ newispapers of genaral circulation exceptions to the
Majority. One such is ODia .bendzeitung" of 14unich. Its liberal use
of pictures
is inlicated by the following counts in five rmndom issues:
Issue ;    9 illustra.tions in 4 pages
Issue B - 11 illustrations ia 6 pages
Issue C - 11 illustrations in 6 pag s
Issue D   16 illustrations in 6 pages
Issue Z - 12 illustratioas in 6 pages
Thv illustrations included1 photos, usel singly and in layouts, charts,
graphs aud cartoons. "Die .sbendzeitung" also employs a considerable
variety of
type faces and sizes.
-another progressive exception to the run of laily newspapers is the I"'iiest-
deutsche -llgeaeinj" published at Bochum in the British Zone. In an
Interview witl
the papers' two news editors, :'rthur Kaesling and 0. Betzold, both were
il their c-itioi's. of the German press, inclu7inr thu trade union press.
said that the Geraan newspapers wvere dull and lacking in appeal to readers.
B-tzold said, "The German newspapers are 20 years behind the times.'
Bioth men
ae professional journAlists with university educations and practical experience.
Betzold, a grauute of thie University of Berlin, was an exchange student
ioUrnQlism at ;iuertteiaberg College in Ohio in 1937-1933.
The aims of the editors of the 3ochun paper, the sian as those of "Die
of ;4lunich, are to pro uce an attractive paper with concise anl objective
eIij stories and short editorials. The readers approve of these aims and

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