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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

Description of trade union papers,   pp. 3-7 PDF (2.8 MB)

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,    afonlation shets are also published by a faw other unions in the U.S,
,Zone, Iixm:+lds Wing tosv of thaPrinting' andPaer -and the Public'Servie
''  di  "a.qinistration Unions of Bavaria. '       "'      - :
tCompleting the list of trade union publications licensed by U.S..
ilitary Government are two Berlin ptpers, "Ies Fretle     iort"
and "Freiheit".
Th3 f6riner bapeaks for ,U0, Berlin s aati-Zo'm-auhaibt tradle union ;,roqps
the'lattor' is' the orgrZn of 'two unions: the S-lhridd aa'd Off ic &Eployees
and the'T hicein-s     r.ForSmno .-
-"D'as Freie lort" i8 sorethtn. speciel- tmoflhg tl-ie trade unior^papex's
(}L r nhy. yThis is bausa jt is pablfis e!a* -n Berlin which .is a- special
Thb papo   ir one, of a       score on.-taiged Ai the 1deolotical warfare.
now raging.
in Berlin; its purpose' i8 to couht"Oiieot Coaumnist propaganda,. It
is the
only trade union paper wlich can be ted      a newspaper.
Sirica last July l1,; "has 3irefe iorth" has bden published- twice
It was started last spring as a aeakly, Its ciroulation which was 60,OQo
lb;ofore currt6y rmform 'Jroppod to 25f;300  ft'r;rds. &it ti    i clrculation
ciabinzrg agaii  ahd ixil1 be fdrther- a'ledl by plans to publish editiohs
individual unions such as the 4etal .iorkers employed by Siemens. (&d.Wotea
SpZicial editions featurin.3 a page devotad to naels by and for an individual
trade union are now prepared for th-e following uaio-nsi Railway, Post, Metal,
and Public Servieys ,nd -ainistration.)
The front page of "Das Freiie '.ort" is a newvs page, with ilrlin
gi-e1a praferenc-e as to position and space. Ton to twelve "SsocIlated
itees ofi one and twd pqraLaphs in lanath are customarily carriod.
The use of the   i srrice is shr~w4. Tha reputation of ifaexrican news
ageneles for objectivity, accuracy and reliability is of a high order.
By contrast with the distortionq in the Comnunist-controlled press, the use
of the -P should h4,p 'to establish sound cridit f6r i'Das Freise sCort'
as a
source of trustworth Infortationt -
Lu dwwi- Diederich, chief editor of "Das Freie ;ort" is at 43 the
of the Gaeian trade union editors. l4oreover, he differs firom th   others
thaqt he has beean it the U.S, - lie was in thorState,9for 21 months as a
prisoner of war. Diring that t-Lie he luatndd'hgiish and becane faliliar
-412~ricaa newspapers and ma6,azines.
The influence of the trade union press is not - 2at. This would appear
to be the case from, the doeniptivae tatistics sat forth here. Corroboration
Of this surmise has b)een obtainad in statements by trade unionists at all
lev1ls of activity aand by otutsi',eG dbs--'~ers inclu'ling German and cmerican
;- rurnaalists' Gerniari aad .*nerican pvernment officials, aal emp)oyers.

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