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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

Description of trade union papers,   pp. 3-7 PDF (2.8 MB)

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is in the printor's hands, according to the editor. Thle paeper is printed
by a
tk-,X~priating f irm at Stuttgart in which city an estimated two-thirds of
printing facillties wera destrcyed during the war,
There is a three-dday lag between the completion of the editor's job and
the printing of th; fiStimme deor ._rbeit", organ of the Hesse trade
federation. Tb'..s paper is printed at the "'Fr-ankfurter Rundsehau",
tne only
newspaper pricnting plant in Frankftwrt to have escaped TheIre
six bcfore the war. ,.t present, 16 papers are being printed at the P.undschau'
plant. Four days of waiting are required for the printing of the PGewarkschaf
zeitung' of Bavaria which is printed at the one plant in Yunich available
the unions.
Horvver; improvemeots in the economics of printing and of the union
organizations are indicated by current plant for increasing the frequency
publication and the circulation of tolo of the three Land federation orZans-.
The .;uerttemberg-Bidea paper has just been changed from semi-monthly to
publicaticn, and its press run has been increased from 50,000 to 100,00(
The paper began three years ago with a cairculation of 3O 0O00. The union
ship in iJuerttemberg Baden is estimated at 460,003.
It is planned to hnvec the I-esse paper become a weekly in the near
On 25 July 1948 the executive board of the trade union federation autho:
an incrnase in the press run from 30,000 to 200,000 At this writing, h(
the additional paper had not been availabble for purchase. ThTe Hesse tra
shesbeibp Js estl..matcd at 410,000.
-lo plans for changes 'n the Bia-arian pap~r axe- contemolated at the
-Put it is worth noting that the paper which now goes to 190,000 readers
20 surust 1946 with a circulation of 400006 It was started as a 16-pag
hut was reduced last January to its present size of eight pages0 This rc
was the main factor in making possible the increased circulation.
In surveying the fiold of trade union pu.blications, it is appropri;
note that the bizonal rail.a~ymen-'s union;, which is led by Hans Jahn, J.1.,
lzugust launched &t Frankfurt its own semi-mcnthly paperj "Der Deutsche
bahner". The firs' issue was Pour pages of the ustual tabloid size,
and X
60,00o of the union's 305,,00 Members.
The Bavarian Trade Union Fedleration publ'ished! for youing people an
page monthly supplement to its r-gu.'er paper0 At third. publication of thj
federation is "Die 1u ].1e", a pocket-sized booklet of facts and
is distributed tavice a month to 1L1,O0O union functinonaries,
The Bremen and Biemerhaven trade u.nicnli'sbs, nlnbering 90,000, are g
by I'Der Bundff wh.ich circulates 2,000,000 copies throt~ghoiit the British
which contains a two-page insert for Land' Bremen, In addition, a four-p-
letter-size info ration sheet of 20.,000 circulation and a small booklet
people are published by trade unions in Land Biemen.

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