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Beck, Elmer A. / The trade union press in the U.S. occupied area (Germany)

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Th IMEu~i~ UI*IO111
U.S. OC',UPGLD -.22- .!? Gd.Ih .Y /
Th"~~~~~~~~~~ :                                  b
Thu most constructive sin!-Ile ac(tiOfl which it Was possibi: for. me to
in the intrer;sts of ths Geor-iana tradue union prcvss was th3 calling7 of
a con-'
f.eroac, of e~-'itors and. official represcantatives. of the three Land trtale
f-(:,drations in th(. J.S. Zoano. aith the cooperation of the :Ianpowur Division
anc. lapopir Jfficers in thesu thrae Lacalaxr this conferenaco .;as. hAlA
2 SuYtomber 1948 ia Stutt:-,rt, ...Irtt  .bor-Badenti/ This, do    ranci
tihua first occasion on which the elitora had TIaot to.guther and was the
Y olint discussion of the prloblara6 of puLlishia ,, tralo union pripcrs.
The following report,, with the :lelation of a fiw portions, wats deliver
to the conference. Indoud, the report ral irafte!ld in such a manner as to
it appropriate for transspittal to the oe'itoro'. This accounts pertticularly
thosu, s-ctions of the report doscri'in; th_ appearanac and contents of 
Daily W4irror and 'Oftontii.ainn.  Th, ,ao rzemarks with whiel I prof cced
my de1i.
of tAe report to the confarence are includ3d as an appm l hix.
The report is base!'. on a thrueo-moath study of the offipiAl publicatiQo
trade unioas i'n the U.S. Zonre Lad tal. U.S.-licensaT.z lalbor prass in
The es e ''iblications included the 03tizvle dcer +Arbeit" ("Voicc,3
pf Lc'corfl)t or~
of the Yroe Trado Union Fa' deration of I6ssu, the 0,ierttcbargisch-13disCh
vi-3li-r~sc (f -z  r" ,( guarttumbor--B-.i-en i'rand Union Journal')
of th.
i.Lrtte a'bexg-B&don Tra-de Unian YFederation, th;:e; "-werksnlyaftozoitan
~" of t
.oavaria a Trh:a  Union Fudcration, "Das Freiu .     ("Ere Speoch")
of tao S.
Ialn, P n 'er.t Trado 'Uaion Orr-aaiza..tion (Unabhaen4i , m wrksciftsor(.ni5Qti
or UGJ)), I 4w!:n th. ".Freiho0it" ("ri  om") till joint
or.2an of the-, &vrlia ;SaI
i"p'vloyves Union (UGO) an'I the Berlin Technicians and lf'orl~renls
Union (UGO3)i
Booklets ;for trad, union fUnctzonaries like "Die '4uel    ("The
*4e11") of th"
Bavarian ?Uniou F.,eration, and. information bulletins issuod by indivi"diual
trade uni ons anl'. jointly by the trade unions in Land Br-en mer scanneJ.
q/ The xtiews herein expressed are thos: of tVIe author, and. do not neoessar
rePlact the views of U.. .i'itury                 ;
22/   Jie;.tcription of this confarenco an.l . r. Beckts introductory a-irress
the edi tors are appea lod. '

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