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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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Hanau.  The VoQkshochschule is -in the-handa of a -vorker and trade unionist
Schmidt, who gets some as.sistance from the city and is running courses for
about 6Cn students.- He gets li ,tlc direct support from the unions in terms
of helping with recruitin~ ' or fiiancial support.  Schmidt woudlc' like
establish an Aca'emy for Adult Education in Lacd.Hdsse and is tryinLg tc
the use of a building for its-establishment.   He believes if adult education
leae&rs and  teachers coulo be trained :ths~t the number ef trained viorktrs
available for a city like Hanau wruld enablce them to run a much morE success-
ful school with extension services in the surrounding villages.
La-d. School at Oberursel.  The Land trade unions are putting a school at
ursul into shape to open this siurer. Richter, Fresident of the Land Unionls,
is chiefly responsible for th. preparations and plans to have couzss s Jfor
,:adc union &unctionaiest union treasuriers, lebor judges in thk, labor
labor -eprescntatives in the insuiance societies, youth -leaders, women,
Acdei~pf Labor.     Director, Fraruz Tosef Furtw.r1a:ngl r.  The Academy
is a natk
institutlon, A.n in its 65 students represents all four zones and Mast of
industrial t I,. About 35 stulents live in thi school home in Frankfurt;
the oth<1.. li. closy. qnough to the city to coimutc uvu; y day. Th..-icaciemy
is set Ul:, azX itS old. ea~t.niniotrativu basis as a, part of ,he University
Frankfur   . It is financed, a: is tho Ulniversity, by the city of Frankfurt
and  Lanm Ilesse _  'Jhe unl'ons, which send students thuro, finance thu
iu.xpensep of their YrprosnDtatives. The advisory coimmittee of the academy
represents ; -a e union lcodq rs from all four zones, Courses are divided
into six main groups:  .EconomiGs, Law-, Go- crnmQnt and Sociology, Social
1TIconomy, Dliployer-fimployc:I R..letions, ana History.  In addition, single
lectures are Given in psychology, technology, statistics, population question
curreney Leform, agriculture, foreign labor movements, political parties,
press and radio, etc. rPractical voluntary ,orkr is oifrercd to students
thci first tbree zmnths in tae   unions, insurance institutions, flMployment
Off icoq, l-abor C04S, nows;ap(.. as and city goveiment.
Th.-  teacher3 are for 'hu most part young men end women who are assiste
at th-lJ unive cLity.  The student has an av>.age ago of less than
30 and
takes activw part in the Discussions fol.1.owing tha lectures. The total
impression i3 on, of practical ana vigorous participation on the part of
teachers, st;udknt,, and directorsI in the pl'_nning- and.execution of the
A4edemy progrrm.l The iirector feels thrat the number of wontn students can
considerably incru..ased in ano-th;.r year.
Berlin:   (Furer Baum)
1. tradu unions   in the city work in close c opJreation vdith the
education departrncnt of the FLGB for the zone, using many of the-; SfLeu
materiala   and plans.
A staff of about 38 persons, one for each union and for each sec-tion
of the city, is emeployod full time- on educational w3rk0  Cla aies axe held
for union leadc~rs and for xworks' councillors alonIg a 7,e11 -worked out
which aims to hondle the same material each wtJek in each section of the.

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