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Cook, Alice Hanson / Workers' education in the U.S. Zone of Germany

A description of workers' education today,   pp. 15-27 PDF (8.2 MB)

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3. VolYkshochschule (Frau Epstain). Frankfurt's VWS is one of the oldest
in Gcrmany and has developed its own 3ducational system which is chiefly
(-havacterized by holding lecturoes in most of the sections of tra city --
19 separata locations this spring, 23 in fall. The trade unions have always
participated in the administration of the VHS and u'sed to contribute a per
capita tax which aggregated to about 25,0CO R4 per y;ear to the school. They
now have five members on the Executive Corsitlte but their active participation
is very slight. The VWS, tickots and announcements ar,1 always sent to the
but distribution Is limited to the Gewerkschaftshaus itself instead aT being
distributaoJ1 thr:ugh the plants or industrial unions. Interest in the cultural
activities of the VM3 is vra:y 4light.
Land Hesse
1. Yath Iok: The canbral trade unions sponsor youth group;, in each
district and maintain a youth training sc3Sool at Enmmershausanmuahle available
to all tho districts in the Land. * 12 day course held there for youth from
Friidborg included discussions on: Trad2 Unionilm, I rt, Law, CThild Lalor
Social; Legislation, Psychology of Youth in R31at ion to Vocational Gruidance,
Gbvernm.qnt, Hygi -ne, Ec3onomics and Technology., Tasks anl Goals of Trade
Union Youth; as well as groups and Ji~oussion in singing, music, arts and
drafts, sports, football, group garozs, dreimtics, speakinig choir.
Xhasse. has had a series of training, periols for tred6 union youth which
reached 1200 students in attendanco at 2 viek8s courses. They also participated
in a general youth training prrgraro for sumaer camps, anrd are noe operating
a trade union youth summer carp.
D2arrntadt. The unions have organized theiir own Xalltur'bund which is one
of the
iua4ortant groups in the  &olrshochsehule. .4prenticca iay join the Luilturbund
for j2O Pfg per month and are 3n.,itldJJ to take oe.nurso  offored in vocational
subects in offica w'rk, Jetricity, adve3rtising, (.-rerman, eoconomios, how
-un a meeting, printing trade.s, pr;.,.:,aration for $aosiamanahrp, etc.
in the h1ult-rbun3. also means ch.1~aper morie and theatre tickets anl adImission
to concerts run by the Bund. The Bund has more than mot exvensos dluring
nast ye.a r.
.ilorks .colnrc lIloZ OLours's.;s: .in ight weeks coulrse was given which
took the form
of organizing the stuilnts into a Council, holding .lections, sutting up
Council, handling a varievty of typical problTIms, It. Thc. students asked
for arl
extension of the course.
CGoop,.-rat-on. with the- 4ochehu1c:  gxoup of 7L0 stut~Ldnts ha;rec askerl
the unions
to prepare and offer a course in trU.-i do  oniza. Sev7eral students are3
practical work in the unions.
i    ,   The youth rerotary, TLaplsay,) 7  h As a rcgular woekly f orturn
k.rade union youth and >e eContcenplatinrg e43tting up his own classes
in other-
sub>)Jvcts sinc- the Volkshocheohulo th.-3re is "too high" for
the inter,. ts of
the tIade unionists.

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